At the Cyclemagic Christmas Party

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There was a huge fight!

Nothing to do with us, it was outside in a part of town I've never seen trouble before. Still, it gave everyone some entertainment and the Police car lights added to the christmas feel.:?:
Hilldodger said:
the Police car lights added to the christmas feel.:biggrin:
how did you hang them on the tree? :thumbsup:
trustysteed said:
ooo, yummy, was it a spit?

Girls who spit don't get invited to footballers' parties. :thumbsup: I think the principal attributes are:

1. IQ barely in double figures, so the footballers won't be outclassed.
2. Surgically enhanced body with breasts larger than Pamela Anderson.
3. The sexual expertise of a porn star.
4. The stamina of port prostitute.
i bet that left you on a bigger hi then you was on with all the drink
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