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..theres a jet-wash: one of the lads introduced me to the joys of it -keeping it away from the bearings and such like.

I'm a jet:wash convert !!! :smile:
Err... OK


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Glad to hear it was so, erm, thrilling. :sad:

I remember having a bizarre argument with a now defunct LBS about whether I had jet washed my bike (I hadn't) and so ruined the BB. It was one of those special only-in-a-bike-shop moments. Honestly what other shop could you go into expecting to spend money and end up getting a full on bollocking instead?! :blush::smile:


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I'm gonna try riding slowly through one of those car-wash machines... then I also get to wax my hair and polish my teeth, as well as an all over massage from the giant roller thingies. I'll report back..... :smile:


Basically one f the mechanics mentioned that the Sprayer was connected (as its [the lever gun thingy] usually kept away in a safe place) and I also had cycled in and they where complaining the bike was looking a they showed me how to hook it up and turn on etc..!

Its a bigtime proper clean a BIG WAGON jobby so its ultra powerfull. And as I dont have much time to throw into clean every part for as I usually had then this is quite ok. As I work in a mechanical workshop environement - a bit of spray on the chain: no worries ! :tongue:

One thing i did notice was this: one of the jobs IF NOT the irritating job, to clean, is the chain and the chainring gunk, not that theirs much on it anyway but when it starts to build up then its a bugger to remove = not with a jet wash !!!!!!!!!! ;)

And they are exciting to use, very !
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