Avatar problem.

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Trying to upload my avatar from Photobucket, I get "Unable to upload file. Debug Mode" from this site.

My avatar is 21664 bytes, a JPEG image 75x100 pixels - anybody know why it doesn't work?
It might be a size problem. This site requires 80x80 pixels max and yours is a bit bigger on one side. I had a similar problem (not here though) and used one of the free `Shrink your avatar` (glad I`m not the only one to mix the spelling on that :?: )sites ... or there again I might have done it in PhotoBucket :sad: .

That`s why I look a bit fatter than I am - whatever I used didn`t seem to simply crop - it sqashed a little bit (though it did give a sort of soft focus effect as well = good :?: ).


Yup, 80x80 pixels and 8kb max. file size :?:

I'm going to add some gallery avatars before long, so if you don't manage to get yours up (no pun intended) you'll be able to pick one from the gallery.

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