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Just to let you peeps know that there is now a UK Ayup store (based in Stroud) where you can order these fantastic light kits without having to go through the rigmarole of ordering em from OZ and paying duty etc (like I did!) ;)

Useful for those of us who already have them and would like to upgrade our kits.


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Do they have a web site, or do we have to go there in person??


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I think they are well priced considering they are being imported and the distributor has to get their cut. If anything had they been priced like this (£149 for roadie kit) and been available to me when I bought mine I would have saved money.

Paid nearly £115 for roadie kit and delivery and then over £40 for duty. I could have bought a backup battery with the extra I paid.

Will defo be getting myself another light for my helment which will also act as a backup light should, in the unlikely event, my bar mounted light fails but that can wait for awhile now that the days are on the turn and no doubt a new improved model will be out by October when I will be needing them again.
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