Back garden floodlights.


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As I've worked at home during the past few nights I've noticed the extremely bright garden security lights of two of my neighbours switching on and off every few minutes, mainly because of cats jumping on top of the fences which separate our gardens. Just how bored with life do you have to be to fit these things to your house? I've actually had moments of boredom when I've flicked through garden catalogues that come free inside the Sunday supplement and seen these lights advertised, but what kind of person is reduced to actually buying and fitting such things?

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I've got two, one at the back and one at the side by the bcak door, but I had them fitted when they were building my house. They are useful - particluarly if my wife goes out at night. There are a few that have had them fitted to the front of the house as well - can't see the point of those as the street lighting lights up the front anyway.
Would point out - I've adjusted the sensitivity and angle of mine, so that they're not set off by cats and small animals.


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I don't have them but a neighbour does, and his are set off by cats (and possibly earwigs) too. I think they can be useful as a deterrent, but most folks install then don't care... terrible waste of resources. ;)

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I've got one that comes on a dusk, and shuts down at dawn( it's got one of those eco bulb thingy's in ) Anyway if it deters the local tealeafs, from half- inching my bikes from the shed, then it's got to be worth it.
Also it provides extra light for our Jack Russell to chase the various wildlife and 'monsters' around the garden after dark.
I think your becoming a bit 'Meldewesque' ranting on about this to be honest.
Try getting out a bit more;)


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They serve a purpose I suppose for secuity reasons in some situations, however they can be a bloody nuisence if not set correctly (and many arn't). We have one idiot neighbour behind us who has one of those things angled up to illuminate their garden, it also illuminates our living room everytime their stinking cat returns back to their garden having taken it's nightly dump on my lawn...bloody chavs.


They're the astronomer's nightmare, and the astro forums are full of rants about battles with antisocial neighbours... What makes people want to deprive others whose only offence is to live nearby, of the pleasures of marvelling at the night sky in all its glory - beats me. Trash my hobby if you really must, I could say a thing or two about letting dogs run loose about a garden at night... Ever heard of the Dangerous Dogs Act?

What is generally agreed, on the other hand, is that these lights are the burglar's dream. Burglars don't like working in the dark, flashing a torch in a completely dark locality is bound to attract attention. If the householder thoughtfully provides lighting for them, well they'll sure take advantage of it! In a garden lit up like a christmas tree, they find it easy to fade into the shrubbery.
The damned things are more powerful than a lighthouse, and most seem to be angled straight at other houses, so rooms are harshly lit up in the middle of the night. Have to have blackout curtains fitted. LA now have power to curb the light nuisance, but seem V. reluctant.


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Birmingham, UK
I'm not fundamentally against outdoor lights, but wish there was more consideration given to other people when they are fitted. My neighbours opposite have lights installed that illuminate little of their property because they are directed towards mine. The sensitivity is set wrong so when I walk out my front door it triggers them. It actually feels very intrusive for a neighbour to install equipment that reacts to what you are doing on your own land. The lights also wake me up at least once or twice a night so I'm going to need to buy some much heavier curtains or get used to the damn lights.

Unfortunately the neighbours don't seem prepared to discuss or negotiate on the matter. ;)

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Ok Pete I agree with the anti social aspect, but fitted correctly these lights do have a purpose.
As for the dangerouse dogs act, well as I said its a Jack russell , and she has the run of our completly enclosed garden, so if someone want to exercise their right to roam, through my brussel sprouts, then they will have to take there chances.


You may fall foul of the law even on your own premises. I was bitten by a Jack Russell, it was on a leash and seemingly under control by its owners, it still went for me. I didn't pursue the case, would have done so if the bite had been more severe. And I would probably have won the case.

Anyway I'm not happy with the dog being allowed to indiscriminately pursue 'wildlife', depends what you mean by that. In our garden wild animals and birds are welcome and unmolested (apart from rats ;)).

As has been said already, these lights do not serve any useful purpose. I would hope that if you do get a polite request from neigbours, you comply with it.


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Mines comes on when I go to get my bike out of the shed. Useful in the depths of winter. Otherwise, it's been set so that squirrels etc. won't set it off so it rarely, if ever goes off.
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