Backpack or something else?


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Hi all,

Im from the UK and as people from here will know the weather is sunny one second and tipping it down the next.

I plan on carrying a lightweight coat with me and was wondering how you all carry ir, along with all the other stuff you take, arm warmer, leg warmers etc


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Rack pack for me, as I mostly carry a D lock too

Plenty just stuff it all in their jersey pockets and look like a lumpy Quasimodo. I hate having lumpy or hard stuff next to my lower back though :unsure:

You can also get some pretty sizeable seatpost bags if preferred. Remember to carry tubes, tools etc too

backpack would be my very last choice as they are sweaty esp if you’re already a bit sweaty in a rain jacket! :ph34r:


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Rack pack for me, as I mostly carry a D lock too

Plenty just stuff it all in their jersey pockets and look like a lumpy Quasimodo. I hate having lumpy or hard stuff next to my lower back though :unsure:
Oh I forgot about my d lock, that thing weighs a ton


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Commuted for years and carry more than you. Never found any issue wearing a backpack. I do suggest you pick one with two fastening clips one across the stomach and one chest. Means the weight isnt on your shoulders.


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I usually carry my stuff in a smallish backpack which I bought on Amazon for just under £19...


They are now £27.99!

It has a frame with a mesh back to allow airflow under it so it isn't too warm and sweat-inducing except for the occasional baking hot summer day, when it can be. In the winter, it actually helps to keep me warm. I feel relatively comfortable wearing it, but it is nice to use panniers on the one bike I own which has a rack.

I definitely wouldn't want to carry my 2+ kg D-lock far in that pack!


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Depends how far you intend to ride with your back pack. A small back pack is fine for short rides if the weight is kept relatively light. I used one for years for mountain biking with a 2 litre water bladder. So weight around 3kg all in.


Depends on the ride, for short rides if I'm not stopping I'll just get wet, for longer rides I use a frame bag - Restrap Large one, and I keep food arm warmers etc in there. Best solution is to dress for the conditions.


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It's down to personal preference, how much you want to carry and what fixings you have on the bike.

Mine, in order:

1. Rear pockets
2. Bar bag
3. Rack pack
4. Rear panniers
5. Trailer
6. Ruck sack
7. Musette
8. Plastic bag dangling dangerously from handlebars.

You may have entirely different preferences.


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Personally I wouldn't be carrying things like arm warmers, I either wear them or don't. If I get hot I careful roll/fold them and put them in a jersey pocket. If I need a rain jacket this is rolled up and packed in a small drawstring bag, fits in a pocket.

I carry the following:
Under seat bag containing two tubes, multi-tool, cafe lock, £20.

Jersey pockets. Right side energy bars and meds. Centre pocket phone and wallet. Left pocket tyre lever, thermal blanket and rain jacket when necessary.

I don't carry heavy stuff like a D-lock as I never leave my bike out of sight.


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Me personally. I have an old Deuter Race EXP AIR - Its got a fancy wire & mesh skeleton/frame system that holds the backpack off my back so air can pass through.

It has a few downsides though.... It costs £85 directly from Deuter but you can find them upto £15-20 cheaper elsewhere if you are really serious about one. Mines the 2012 version so storage capacity is 12+3 (litres) the newer ones are just 14L capacity.

However. They do make a smaller 12 litre capacity one with the same frame system that costs slightly less that can be found for £50-60 or less if youre lucky.

--- Another downside is for £80 you can get a pretty good Carradice saddlebag. It just boils down to your personal preference of backpack vs saddlebag.

((The Deuter Race Air bags also have a section and cut outs to carry a waterbladder so its good for use both on and off the bike.))

For short 1-3hr trips = backpack - for all day trips = Saddlebag.
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