Bad knees! please help.


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So I've never had knee complaints before (I'm 37).
But yesterday I undertook a 100 mile cycle. After about 50/60 miles I started to get a sort of hot pain in both knees, almost "in front" of the knees. This didnt get constantly worse, but sort of peaked at a 6 in pain and continued for the rest of the ride (very annoying).
When I finished and got home, going from sitting to standing was agony ! So I popped 2 Ibuprofen and within 45 mins I couldn't feel any pain at all. and Today I can hardly feel anything at all either. All gone all better.

So what is going on here? I can't say I've ever had that before but it is rather worrying. I mean it was pretty bad, do you you think it could be a bike fit issue? I mean I have had this bike for over a year and commute on it at least 8 times a week. I've never had a knee problem before. I run also and have never had knee trouble running.
I did recently get new cycling shoes but they have felt great so far.


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Look up anterior knee pain or patellofemoral syndrome and cycling.

Check your cleat positioning as you have new shoes.

If it’s a one off, I wouldn’t worry about it.

You maybe just overdid it (how far do you normally cycle, presumably not 50 miles on your commute?) Was it a very hilly ride?

It has got cooler, maybe you simply need to cover your knees?

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I am no expert on this kind of thing but I find it interesting that the pain came on in both knees simultaneously. In my experience these things usually crop up on one side or the other, or to a very different degree in either side. It makes me wonder if you did something the day before that could have put unusual strain on both knees equally. Say:
  • Scrubbing the floor
  • Weeding the flower bed
  • Yoga — the lotus position can be a knee strainer
  • Power lifting
  • Bending forward over a low wall
Hope this helps.
Overuse injury.
Probably be ok again once you recover, but try to avoid doing it again, or it may become more chronic.
Next time you plan a 100 miler, spend some time building up to it over the preceding weeks.


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It's always worth doing lower leg raises to wake up the VMO if you've started doing longer distances. You only need to do them for 2-3 weeks and then the VMO will look after itself.


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pushing to big a gear?
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