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1. Go to the Wikipedia home page and click random article. The article you get is your band's name.
2. Click random article again; that is your album name.
3. Go to and scroll to the bottom. Randomly pick a page number of the linked blue pages of archives. Pick the 10th image on that page as your album cover.

Mine band is called The Church Lady and our first album is Bohemian Shepherd (Quite like that ;)) Here's the cover.


You can do ten more random articles for tracks if you like (and have a lot of spare time on your hands.)


My Band is Sti Fotia and their album is True West - this is what it looks like:


Toll Collector on the Road to Nowhere
Transport Sample Protocol were a hardcore Marxist electronic outfit formed in 1986 after the members were thrown out of a Kraftwerk discussion circle for being too literal in their reading of 'Autobahn'.

Their avowedly non-bourgeois aesthetic led them to name their albums after the detritus cast off from capitalist society and their masterpiece 'List of ship decommissionings in 1954' consists of 70 minutes of unrelenting 200bpm jackhammer beats with samples of industrial ring-welding and readings from Stockhausen's diaries.

The cover, commissioned from a Dusseldorf neo-figurative collective, represents the hopeless embrace of the working man with wage slavery.


TSP split in 1989 over the question of whether humour was allowed in a revolutionary sonic ensemble, with three members going on to form the extreme noisecore trio, the International Publishers Association...


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They were an ultra-pretentious 80's band who purported to be 'artists'. It was cool to say that you were into them but although it was fashionable to have their first two albums: Momix and The Avalon Ballroom on your shelf, no one could actually listen to the self-indulgent pap. They currently make a poor living on the 80's nostalgia circuit.

Now my band Chaco have just released their new album List of Asteroids / 28201-28300.


with this as the album cover.

They have been described as "Kraftwerk, if Kraftwerk were even better!"
My band is called Tomotherapy and the latest album is the quainted titled Mottled Tuco-Tuco. Album cover looks like this 09355e69dce1b2895539155994e671c945080d83_m.jpg

Lead singer and main songwriter, Viktor Xcuso, has gone down on record saying that this album represents the pinnacle of his artistic career. Recently departed guitarist Bazza McGlumpher has stated that in his opinion its a "load of self-indulgent p1sh"


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Too easy, you have to provide a quick history of the band, their style of music and any other interesting information about them.


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900s BC were a late arrival onto the Experimental Techno Rave scene in 1989. Formed in Radlett they moved quickly from playing covers of Cliff Richard songs to attempting to ape their heroes, Tangerine Dream.

They were so boring that on three occasions one of the three piece band actually fell asleep on stage. This was not normally noticed by the audience. On another occasion the Stage Manager fell asleep and without his prompts the band played the same 5 minute track for over 80 minutes.

Their first album was called USS Leonidas (AD-7), partly because of the neat symmetry of AD/BC, partly because they meant to call it after the meteor shower the Leonids, and partly because the graphic designer was dyslexic.

The album sold 4 copies. An old lady made a mistake in Tower Records in Kansas City.

With 25% of their 1st album sales coming from the USA they decided to tour. They played one gig before band differences (arguments over paying for meals at shopping centre Food Courts - each of the threesome wanted to go to a different kiosk) meant that the tour was called off as the band split.

However they had recorded the show and it was released as a posthumous 7CD live album entitled Klamath County Event Center. This sold in much better numbers, as each full time employee at the Klamath County Event Center was given a copy.



Gyula Andrassy were formed in Moldova in the 1990s as a death mental/jazz combo and their first album, Jaghun, received critical acclaim:

Unfortunately success did not follow and tensions between the band members and decreasing album sales eventually saw them changing style. In 2002 they became a big hit on the Eastern European gay scene with their blend of catchy camp pop, kitsch fashion and infectuous dance routines. The band came to an end when lead singer and driving force Edward Bellasis decided his future lay in peanut farming. The remaining band members - Mathesius, Edmund Ho, Dorothy Talbye and Curly Watts (I shoot you not! This was a random search) - all went their separate ways.

Elmer Fudd

Miserable Old Bar Steward
Rex Norris was born in 1943 into a single parent family of nine siblings, who all had different fathers, in Gordon, Georgia. At the age of four he found a geetar with only two strings and to help escape the poverty and deprivation he decided to self teach himself to play.

When he was fourteen he took a job at the nickel and dime store to save for a proper geetar. The shop owner, Randolph Trussborket, liked and trusted Rex and would often leave him in charge of the shop. This was his down fall. One Friday, at the age of sixteen, Rex shut up shop early and went to Duanes Musical Emporium and bought himself a brand spankin' new geetar with Randolphs takings.

Three weeks later Rex was caught and sentenced to five years in prison. This though, proved to be his turning point in life, he practised his geetar every day and two years after his release he done gone gotten himself a recording contract with Bishops Helmet records,

His debut, and only album, Gordon, Georgia was an acclaimed success and reached No. 42 in the C&W charts. His debut single, "Ah dun found me a dung beetle Mabel" reached No. 2 in both the Popular and C&W charts.

He had a fatal accident at the age twenty five while fornicating with a sheep. Instead of moving the sheep to the edge of the cliff, he moved himself towards it and the sheep moved backwards pushing Rex over the edge.


REX NORRIS 1943 - 1968 R.I.P.
Nihoa trapdoor spider release their debut album, Brian Meadows on december 25th.

formed by five day release patients from the hospital for the terminally insipid, Nihoa trapdoor spider will attempt to redefine the parameters of music with their no nonsense brand of knockabout death metal. said to be the bastard child of Metallica and Abba they have been wowing fans as they queue to get into gigs by serenading them outside venues. their most recent tactic to get a fan was to follow someone home after a recent Pink Floyd tribute band and play on their doorstep until they were set upon by the family poodle.

the band will be playing a full UK tour to support the album and WILL be performing near you, possibly in your kitchen.

There are no pictures of the sleeve of the album as the band are saving money for their bus fares by not having one.
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