"Barn find" Rory O'brien

Discussion in 'Vintage and Classic Bikes' started by Tomnomnom, 17 Aug 2012.

  1. Tomnomnom

    Tomnomnom Regular


    This being my first post on CC I'd just like to say Hi and look forward to my stay here!

    The above being said I've got two old road bikes, one a ladies Raleigh which I haven't looked at very closely at all and the Rory O'brien which intrigued me.

    I'd never heard of Rory O'Obrien before and never even knew there was much of a vintage bike scene at all, untill I started looking online.

    I'd welcome any information about the bike and the list of parts on it are as follows:
    Seat: Isca Italy
    Pedals: Solida
    Gears: Huret
    Brakes: Weinmann vainqueur 750

    Frame: O'brien International (serial number 193054.

    There is also a barn door sized light on the front fork made by energizer! can't imagine it would be very aero dynamic.

    It all appears in very good shape with only slight surface corrosion on the wheel rims and some laquer peel on the cross bar on the frame. I'll take some pictures tomorrow and get them up. I'll also have a look at the raleigh.
  2. :welcome:Tomnomnom, but I have to say,


    There are loads of vintage guys on here, whack some pics up and I've no doubt the information you seek will flow in :thumbsup:
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  3. OP

    Tomnomnom Regular

    haha never a truer word said (typed?!) I'll get some pics up in the morning. Thanks for the welcome Smokeysmoo!
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  4. pubrunner

    pubrunner Guru

    Hi Tom,

    Welcome to the forum :smile:

    I'm certain that your bike isn't a Rory O'Brien; I'm sure that it is a O'Brien Concorde International.

    These were sold by a shop called O'Briens (now closed) in Coventry. (The Rory O'Brien shop was in Romford.) It is likely, that such a shop bought-in the frames and then put on their own decals/transfers.

    I've only ever seen one - and it said 'O'Brien Coventry' on the frame. (It might (iirc) have had a lion on the front of the headtube).

    I know nothing about the frame's tubing, but the Coventry O'Briens appear to be as unusual as the Rory O'Briens.
  5. OP

    Tomnomnom Regular

    Hi Pubrunner,

    I now agree with you that its more likely to be a O'brien Concorde International.

    Also as promised pictures!







    It was the frame that got me interested first as the joints just look so different to anything I'd ever seen on a bike before. Total bike noob right here =]
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  6. OP

    Tomnomnom Regular

    And some pictures of the Raleigh Wisp, which after a good clean is in excellent condition. I have no idea how old the bikes are but know that my aunty and uncle had them in the 80s.



    (love the bell!)





    Just pumped the tyres up on both and they hold pressure and still even had a little left in them for yesteryear. Although I wouldn't want to ride them without new rubber, brakes and brake cables. I've cleaned down the chain on the O'brien which was solid but now turns without a problem although I cant get the highest or lowest gear so I still need to look into that.

    Cheers for looking.
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  7. OP

    Tomnomnom Regular

    Hi again guys, I've decided to sell up the pair of these and focus time and effort on learning to ride a unicycle. I really don't know what to ask for these? I've tried looking in the classified but I don't even know what other bikes are comparable. Any tips would be appreciated.

  8. biggs682

    biggs682 Smile a mile bike provider

    hi Tomnomnom the wisp will be mid to late 80's and can fetch up to £70 on flea bay , the Rory o Brian looks a bit older so value bit more difficult so best idea is if you want to just drop it round to me , we will call it square is that ok ?
  9. OP

    Tomnomnom Regular

    haha I thought I would get a response like that. I'll see then probably put them in the classifieds on here rather than let the flea bay masses at them.
  10. Richard Oliver

    Richard Oliver Regular

    Hi there Im glad that I stumble across this article, I have the exact same bike that I found in the back of an antiques dealers warehouse, I bought it for a steal and once dusted it of and cleaned it up, realised that it was in amzing nick, everything is original and gets a lot of heads turned. I just cant seem to find out any info on it, when do you think they date from? and where were they originaly made? I gather that it is not the same as a rory o'brien which were made in dagenham?
    Any info would be amazing, ill post a pic in a while.
    Great to see another one!
  11. Richard Oliver

    Richard Oliver Regular

  12. Cycleops

    Cycleops Guru

    Accra, Ghana
    Very nice. I would think it is from about the early seventies, maybe a bit earlier. If you could post some better pics I am sure we could get a better date.
  13. Richard Oliver

    Richard Oliver Regular

    I know it has taken an age to post more pics but here she is, just cleaned her up again and added the bar tape. If anyone can offer information on the origin, age, value etc that would be great.
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