BBB Open Link Closing Link Tool BTL77


I've been using this tool, BBB Open Link Closing Link Tool BTL77, over the last few months and it has made the job of fitting/removing missing links a doddle. A must for everyone's home tool kit. For the price of £6.49, you can't go wrong!



Middle aged bald git.
Discussed on here a few times John - I agree with you completely. Prior to buying chain pliers I had on one occasion to break a chain with a chain splitter because the blasted "quick link" would not come apart no matter what I did to it. Others separate as easily as a quick squeeze. Some of the comments made previously were from lucky people who have only ever experienced cooperative quick links, and from their perspective such a tool is completely unecessary......I hope one day they too suffer from the blight of an uncooperative quick link!
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