BBC Highway Code Test

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8/10 here (and ditto the dog)
SW London

Not that I drive much these days anyway. Having passed my test 10 years ago I'm still in the enviable position where I've cycled further than I've driven (long may it continue!)

SW London
For info:

The question about the parking near a junction isn't technically correct. You can park as close to a junction as you like, so long as it's an officially marked bay. Sense prevails (usually!) such that bays are a reasonable distance from a junction.



9/10 - thank god.

I'm having refresher lessons at the moment because I passed my test as a teenager and haven't driven since. I thought I'd be OK to drive, we hired a car, and then my girlfriend caught me whispering 'OK, now, left to right, accelerator, brake, clutch, oh, no, maybe it's the other way around' and point-blank refused to be in the same car as me unless I got some lessons.

Seems like I still have a fair knowledge of the highway code, though!

Chris James

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10/10 but guessed the dog and educated guess on the distance from the junction (I thought it was less than 10 meters).

Mind you, at least I knew that there IS a minimum distance you have to keep a junction clear by. Looking at the parking of most people they seem totally unaware of this rule.


Started young, and still going.
10/10. Thirty two years since I passed my motorbike test and haven't really looked at the highway code since then. Most of it is common sense, but there are a lot of drivers out there without any sense.
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