Best 80.s wheels


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Looking for a good set of racing wheels for a BIULD I'm doing mid 80.s id prefer the wheels to be clincher
What were the best clincher wheels that most racing would of opted for

So far I'm liking the mavic open 4 cd


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I would have thought a lot of racers would have still been on Tub's & sprints in the 80's

So a set of edco hubs and gl330 rims in the grey colour


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By late 80s, Open 4CD were really common. They look nice when new, pretty horrible as the anodising starts to wear off (it wears unevenly due to spoke tension) then a bit better when it's all gone from the braking surfaces.

They would have been used with amberwall tyres but look quite cool with blackwall tyres when new.
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