Best before dates on energy gels/energy smoothies?


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I purchased some short-dated energy smoothie gel packets and their best before date is September, will they still be okay to use after that October-November or have they essentially gone off by then?


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They won't be at their best, but they'll essentially be fine.

The only date to worry about on food is 'use by' which means the food might actually make you ill. 'Best before' just means it might have lost a bit of its flavour or texture or whatever.


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I've used gels that were a year out of date, and last year I fairly regularly used energy powder that was more than 2 years out of date (it was an enormous tub and I hadn't used it too often), and both were fine. The powder starts to clump together a little bit but it still dissolved, it tasted good still, and it still did the job. I didn't get any iffy effects.

I also found some gels recently that were 5 years out of date, I opened them up to have a look just out of interest and the glucose / sugar had started to solidify a bit. That was interesting I suppose, I doubt I'd consume one that old but it hadn't gone slimy or smelly or anything.

A few months out of date wouldn't ever bother me with these products.
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