Best custom frame builder

within 100 miles of DE14 postcode

Okay I'll explain, I haven't put this in bike buying advice because...... I'm not buying one :sad: I just want peoples opinions.... Best product, most heritage, Most helpful staff etc... I've put 100 miles of where I am as I would like to perhaps visit one of them in the future. I know I'm around 10 miles away from one and perhaps 25 miles away from another....... but who builds the best hand built frame? I reckon i could start a playground scrap here.... Fight.... fight.... fight

Edited to add: Big or small... in fact the smaller the better perhaps? Fred in a shed?
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cougie uk

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Brian Rourke is close ?
Lee Cooper just outside of Coventry in his garage
Cheers... good shout certainly an interesting looking set up... Not fred in a shed but perhaps a Gary in a garage!


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The two that sprung to mind if I had the money were Chas Roberts and Lee Cooper. They're more that traditional style, gorgeous lugs and a certain period look to them. Chas is too far for you though.

Rourke are nice but Chris does tend towards the more modern style road frames, depends what you want. I suppose he'd build you a penny farthing with scroll work on the lugs though if you paid him!
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