Best UK cities for Cycling (training)

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by DHogg, 12 Aug 2017.

  1. DHogg

    DHogg Senior Member

    I see tons of articles about which UK cities are the best for cycling. These all seem to focus on things like cycle lanes, infastructure, commuting etc.

    What are some of the best cities in the UK for cycle training? It would also need to be a somewhat large city, so i guess 250,000+. It would also need to have some varied lumpy terrain. As a benchmark, i've been surprised how good Kent and Surrey (and easily accessible from London)

    I'm in UK for a few years, currently London, but looking to go elsewhere near the end of my stay for a summer.
  2. I don't have vast experience of UK cities for cycling but I far prefer Edinburgh than other places I've been. I will admit I'm biased as coming from near there but I like their cycling community and its possible to find all levels/ types of cycling. SPOKES would be a good contact if you want to know about cycle training I think
  3. simon.r

    simon.r Person

    Sheffield springs to mind. I've never lived there, but it's a big city and close to the Peak District.

    Same applies to Manchester?
  4. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    Leeds? Newcastle? Bristol?
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  5. MontyVeda

    MontyVeda a short-tempered ill-controlled small-minded troll

    Why does the city need to be so big?
  6. OP

    DHogg Senior Member

    Not a necessity, but easier for work i guess
  7. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    What work do you do?
  8. NorthernDave

    NorthernDave Never used Über Member

    Leeds is great - and pretty good for cycling too. :okay:
    The Yorkshire Dales to the north, the Pennines to the west, Vale of York and then the Wolds to the east (and best of all London is 200 miles away to the south. ;))
    This gives you all sorts of terrain from flat(ish - this is Yorkshire after all), through undulating, to some of the best climbs in the country. Urban, inter-urban and fantastic countryside with quiet lanes within 4 or 5 miles of the city centre.
    There is also the Brownlees triathlon training centre with all weather cycle track
    Plus you've got £29 million worth of cycle super highway should you want to go to Bradford, although I accept this is fairly unlikely. :whistle:

    And on a non-cycling from, it was the only UK city to make the 2017 Lonely Planet Top Ten European destinations list
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  9. Flick of the Elbow

    Flick of the Elbow Wage Slave

    West Lothian
    I agree, the countryside around Edinburgh has great views and loads of great roads for cycling, easy to find quiet routes to get to them even from the city centre. And yes, loads of good hills too. The downsides are the weather and the road surfaces, both often appalling.
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  10. nickyboy

    nickyboy Norven Mankey

    Sheffield is excellent as you've got hills immediately west and flatland immediately east

    Manchester is OK but its a bit more of a trek to the hills, depending on which part of the city you live in
  11. mjr

    mjr Wanting to Keep My EU Citizenship

    Training as in general highway skills, as in sports performance, or something else?
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  12. Jason

    Jason Senior Member

    Carnaby Street
    Laaandun is great on the weekend's. If there is any traffic,it's so slow that it's of no real danger.
  13. flake99please

    flake99please Make mine a '99'

    Edinburgh has it all. IMHO nowhere in the UK offers such a wide variation of cycling routes/terrains.
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  14. srw

    srw It's a bit more complicated than that...

    For sprinting? For track riding? For quick hills? For long distances? For maintenance? For endurance in dreadful conditions?

    @DHogg - more information needed.
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  15. Jimidh

    Jimidh Über Member

    Another plus for Edinburgh.

    It's a great city plus the surrounding countryside has it all from good coastal routes into East Lothian or good climbing into the Scottish Borders. Plus if you like mountain biking you have the Pentlands on your door step or the Tweed Valley an easy drive away.
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