Better stock up now folks.


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I got a case of wine delivered a few days ago which included various wines, bubbles and port - should see us through when added to the existing inventory on the rack. The beer fridge is showing a few gaps but has a decent selection still. We have a bottle of sherry and will be picking up an artisan cream liqueur this weekend. The gin shelf is pretty healthy and there are a few whiskies to choose from.

With such stocks on hand, should I be thinking of some kind of barricade and increased security patrols?


My keg of Purple Moose Elderflower Ale, from Porthmadog, is already ordered. If they can’t deliver, I’ll go and pick it up myself ^_^! Far better than the mass produced rubbish that’s on the shelves anyway.


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There is a "shortage" every year when people do their big christmas shop. It's usually fine after the weekend when the shelves are stocked again. There was no Baileys in Morrison's the other day, but that's becasue they were doing a Litre for 9.99. I can't eat dairy but luckily I managed to find some dairy-free Baileys on Amazon. It's delicious (but clear). If you close your eyes, you'd think you were drinking Baileys.

It's embarrasing that the HK news paper describes all our faults in the one article i.e. panic buying fuel and sausage rolls


And to make it even worse, petrol prices are at record highs so even hardened winos can't resort to a quick snifter of 4 store to keep them going. At this rate itll soon be cheaper to drink aftershave again.
or mouthwash

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Just listening to Mike Graham's 'The Thursday Club' on Talk Radio, where he and a 'wine expert' are discussing liqueurs. She, the wine expert said there'll be a shortage this year of many traditional liqueurs, Benedictine being one of them. She said they were regarded 'back in the day' as medicinal, so you have an excuse for drinking without guilt!:rolleyes: She mentioned Benedictine being very popular in Burnley Lancs (near to me), due to the East Lancs Regiment adopting it in WW1. The Burnley Miners Club gets through (or used to) 1000 bottles a year of the stuff!!
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