Better stock up now folks.


My 85 year old mum has the occasional glass of Whisky for medicinal purposes, which funnily enough always gets her singing!
In the back of her booze cupboard there are several dusty, multi-coloured concoctions brought home from foreign holidays over the years and kept for "the summer" This is the case with many an older traveller....
These old ladies will be worth a fortune when we run out of booze ^_^

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is it any good?
I'm maybe not fussy enough but I rather like the Aldi bourbon anyway.
They all taste the same to me.🤔
Maybe Mackeson will make a come-back - I think they still make it - last few year's production at the back of dusty shelves in corner shops, particularly northern.


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I'll never forget me as a 10 year old opening my grandma's display cabinet, taking her unopened bottle of brandy out, breaking the seal, taking a big swig then putting it back.:wacko: :secret:
Taking a big swig of brandy as a 10 year old, I'm surprised you were able to breathe enough to hold on to it to put back!


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I am not bothered. Shortages ? I will do without. No shortages? I don't drink much anyway so either way, I couldn't care less.
I think it is another trick from the producers to get people to spend now and keep spending till Christmas. The sad thing is, many people fall for it every time.
Being closely connected to the trade, there is no shortage of alcohol whatsoever. Some folks' favourite tipple might be in short supply but there is always an alternative. This 'shortage' will not affect the big brands that are found on supermarket shelves. There are logistics difficulties for some companies yet most are managing, as they are generally well-organised.
With your previous mentions of a penchant for a breakfast pint in Weatherspoons, I think we know the answer to that one :laugh:
that is of course answer c.
am a fussy drinker - don't drink junk - but am flexible.

(for the nervous, I should stress that the odd breakfast pint is usually with a bike quite a few hours into my day)
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