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I recently bought a road bike for my mountain bike riding girlfriend and contracted "Bike delivery" AKA Paisley freight to deliver it from Lance to Devon, it was an utter disaster! They picked it up no problem, kept it overnight then decided it wasn't packaged to their standards and returned it to the seller! I was charged £10 for this and when I attempted to complain I was talked over by the amazingly rude woman at Paisley and accused of shouting at her in an attempt to get my point across! Advice? DO NOT USE THIS LOT! I had the bike delivered by parcelforce using Parcelmonkey no probs, no special conditions, no trying to sell me an overpriced cardboard box like Paisley, worst company I've ever dealt with!

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Did somebody not read the packing requirements when booking?

The only time I've couriered a bike I just went crazy with the shrink wrap.
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