Bike Fit Problem???


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A couple of weeks more into riding,a regular 12m a night & most pains are improving,except my back/shoulders.I am getting a pain on the bump just below my neck,is this a posture or bike fit problem?Riding a hardtail Giant hybrid.


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Make a note of your arm shape. How much are you arms bending at the elbow. Does your shoulder blades arc when you straighten your arms.

I had a similar problem. Mine was solved by slightly increasing the stem length and angle.


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It can take a long time for your 'body' to get used to extra cycling some times.

A number of years back, I had a 'quiet' spell - i.e. not riding as much as I did, or do now. Getting back into it was painful - my back would only last an hour, before I was really sore - despite having had the bike over 10 years. Soon resolved it's self as I rode more and more. So double check you are comfortable, and see how you go.


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i have a set of basic measurements , that i always adjust my bikes to first before i start riding them and 9 times out 10its not far away .

so get comfy and measure hieght of bars & saddle from ground up along with fr of saddle to centre of bars and then saddle to bottom of crank stroke , then adjust where poss any other bike you ride to that position .
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