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Fiona N

Yes - I've been to Hewitts in Leyland and can recommend them. Less 'scientific' than some (this could be interpreted as having less mumbo-jumbo involved :thumbsup:) and relying on years of experience instead, they did a good job for my new bike - starting from my position on the bike I took in and the things that I felt weren't right. It's an interative process - you need to bring in all relevant information (what you want the bike for, level of fitness, mileage, injuries etc.) to get the best outcome.

I've not used any of the others.

Tim Bennet.

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S of Kendal
I've only used Hewitt's and again he got my bikes spot on.
About a dozen of my friends have also had a similar experience, including some who were so uncomfortable on their original bikes, they were thinking they would have to give up cycling.


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My wifes bike was built and measured for by Paul Hewitt. Since she took it out of the shop some 1500 miles ago she hasn't had to move anything. It just fits her perfectly. 'Nuf said.
Just had a session at pedal precision. Cannot recommend highly a paramedic I can vouch that this guy knows his stuff physio wise. Go here, you won't recommend anywhere else thereafter trust me. The amount I've spent on kit in past this is best money I've ever spent...worth every penny
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