Bike for 2 year old female.

Discussion in 'Family and Recreational Cycling' started by Milzy, 1 May 2017.

  1. Milzy

    Milzy Veteran

    The princess is 2 soon. Do I A) buy her a balance bike B) buy her a pedal bike with stabilisers. C) she's too young for bikes??
  2. alicat

    alicat Guru

    A balance bike when she is about 2 1/2. A bike with stabilisers doesn't teach her balance.
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  3. S-Express

    S-Express Guest

    Better off on a scooter at that age, tbh. Faster, and also teaches balance.
  4. Vantage

    Vantage The dogs chew toy

    Balance bike.
    Stabilizers are the work of the devil and do more to hamper a child's progress than encourage it.
    I speak as a dad who's youngest didn't get away from the bloody things till she was 8 or 9 and that took some doing.
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  5. ianrauk

    ianrauk Tattooed Beat Messiah

    Atop a Ti
    Get her a ToddleBike
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  6. chriswoody

    chriswoody Veteran

    Yep another balance bike fan here. My youngest started at one year old. Last month at 3 1/2 he progressed naturally onto a pedal bike. Two weeks ago he rode an 8km ride with me, fast learner when he wants too!

    Again after having two kids progress naturally from balance bikes to pedal bikes I feel stabilisers are the devil's work and no use near kids. Just let them progress at their own speed and they'll easily make the transition from balance bike to pedal bike when their good and ready.
  7. Globalti

    Globalti Legendary Member

    Balance bike, definitely.
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  8. summerdays

    summerdays Cycling in the sun Moderator

    Balance bike.... and don't force it, but equally if a friend can do it perhaps meet at the park....? Kids that age love to copy their friends....
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  9. Heltor Chasca

    Heltor Chasca Out-Riding the Black Dog

    Balance bike. Scooter is great, but because it's easier they gravitate towards it. When she was littler, I would 'loose' my daughter's scooter every other day so she alternated. Parental abuse I think they call it now a days.

    She is good on both now. Rubbish at badminton though.
  10. Dan B

    Dan B Disengaged member

    Balance bike if she's big enough to flat-foot it. Toddlebike if not
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  11. John Simmons

    John Simmons Member

    Another balance bike fan here! My 3 year old loves his balance bike and also his scooter. We haven't yet made the transition to a bike without stabilizers, but both have provided a confidence boost... and both good fun without having to think too hard.
  12. byegad

    byegad Guru

    NE England
    'Proper' child's bike, remove chain, and entire pedal assembly from the bottom bracket. You now have a balance bike. Once she's scooting it around keeping balance refit chain and pedal assembly, and she's got a bike.
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  13. Dan B

    Dan B Disengaged member

    If you can find a 'proper' kids bike small enough for a 2 year old, yes.
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  14. BrumJim

    BrumJim Poster

    My lad was on a balance bike age 2.5, and onto a bike with pedals aged 4.5. Took 20 minutes to get the hang of it, and 40 minutes to be confident. Had some practice on pedal toys at Nursery.

    The key is motivation - he saw his Dad come home from work on his bike every day, and had a fantastic time on the back of my bike aged 1.5 on holiday. Cried at the first stop as he thought the ride was over! Now loves his rides with Dad on Saturdays. 6.5 miles, but with several stops, including one for ice cream.
  15. summerdays

    summerdays Cycling in the sun Moderator

    No it's not! A tricycle is a totally different way of moving and taking corners. A balance bike is the best thing at age 2.
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