bike frame sizing...


yes, sorry, it must've been asked before so apologies for that.

If a bike has a 57cm frame for example, between which 2 points is that measurement made?

Thank you.


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Depends on manufacturer. There is no industry standard. I.e. it's up to you to check.
Maz, I can see where you're coming from! but in reality, if the other elements all fit (and I'd say that the reach is most important) then you're unlikely to have a problem with standover height unless you're particularly short. e.g. Mrs G has just got a Spesh Tricross in 49cm size, and although the reach is fine, and actually slightly shorter than her made-to-measure, based on Bikefitting measurements, road bike, she can only just straddle the top tube - OK with bike shoes on, but not without. - She's 5ft 0.
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