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Does anybody know of any bike maintenance course i can do in the Hampshire area? it seems they are mostly around the London area.

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Where in Hampshire? Google was fairly helpful. If you are in Southampton - look at some in mid Aug

Tune Up - The essentials
Cycling is freedom and independence, so why be dependent when it comes to punctures and gear indexing - In 2hrs you'll learn how to check over your bike, fix a puncture (with ease), tighten your brakes and set up your gears. Also meet some like minded people and have an enjoyable evening. - £30 For a limited time this course is being subsidised to £5 by Sustrans, email to book your place.
Strip & Rebuild - The whole lot
Have you tried working on your bike only to find you need a component specific tool to get to what you're repairing? The best way to get clued up about your bike is to strip & rebuild it in a fully equipped workshop with a knowledgeable mechanic. - £130
Straighten Up - Just the wheels
Keep those wheels spinning for years to come; learn hub servicing and the art of wheel truing (removing a buckle). - £30

Some links here

CTC a good bet


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If you're anywhere near Pompey, Velocity Bikes are an accredited Park Tool School. Not cheap (£120 a module) and I don't know when they're doing the next lot, but they're a good bunch that will give you the money's worth.


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Very helpful thread! I've been looking for ages for this kind of course - i'm now booked on one of the rideride Strip & Rebuild courses. Its sounds just the ticket.


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Just in case anyone's interested - I completed the course over the weekend and really enjoyed it. I came away with the confidence to tackle a lot of my own maintainance. Would recommend the course to anyone who wants to start looking after their own bikes.
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