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I am not looking to sell this bike just yet that is why i have listed it in here and not 'for sale', i just wanna get an idea how much i would be looking at for it. It's a Diamond Back MtnPeak however i cannot find an exact match on the internet. I know its a 2008 model, a mountain bike and it was 260 when purchased in december 2008. Its a hardtail mountain bike, all gears-brakes-pedals etc, work correctly. shimano gears, shimano chainring.
I have attached some pictures below, could you give me a general price i would be looking at if i was to sell it? thanks


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Unless your desperate for the cash or the space then I would keep it Josh. I realise that your getting a new road bike soon but sods law says that you will miss the MTB if you sell it.


Keep it.

TBH, you'll not get that much money for it to make a massive impact in your life, but there'll be instances you'll wish you had an ATB - like winter or off roading days.

£Josh D

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guys, i dont want to keep it, i want a road bike, can somebody please tell me how much i would get for it? or any offers are welcome (pm with offers please)


£Josh D said:
guys, i dont want to keep it, i want a road bike

You're quite young, aren't you? From someone who used to be quite young, here's a bit of advice.

Learn from the mistakes of others. Life is too short to make them all yourself.

You will regret selling it, there will be many, many days that you can't ride your road bike but you still want to ride. If you want to go into town, cycle to play sport or something like that, you won't want to be on a "nice" road bike all of the time. And your road bike will not be offended at having another bike in the garage.

If you really want to make a mistake, it's scratched and tired and I doubt anyone would pay much more than £60.


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Yeah, Norm's dead old, but he's wise...

(actually, I have no idea how old he is, but he is wise).

Having a 'hack' bike is one of the steps on the way to being a proper cyclist. A hack* is a sturdy thing, something you'd be happy to lock up outside the pub. Something that can take rougher surfaces, and worse weather. I even know a couple who, among their many bikes, have a 'best' tandem for touring and a hack tandem for going to the pub.

Unless you need the money - which is understandable - having a spare is very useful. Even if it's just for the day you are going out in a hurry and find the road bike has a flat.

*a hack was originally the run of the mill horse a gentleman rode to the hunt. His groom would set off early in the morning on the good quality hunter, to ride it there gently and leave it in good condition for the hunt, and the gentleman would get up later and ride the hack there at a more punishing pace.


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Josh, ignore the others, sell it to me for £50 :laugh:
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