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Hi all. I've got a Raleigh equipe 2012. And yes I know before anyone asks its a cheap bike and its my own fault for buying it but it's all I could afford.

Basically I have a couple of little issues. First of all the front wheel is one of these quick release things but the problem is it keeps squeaking at high speeds and making a scraping noise at low speeds I think it may be the release clip grinding on the wheel nuts but if I loosen it anymore the clip keeps opening whilst riding :S not good

The other issue I have is whenever im going uphill the bike keeps sort of jumping out of gear. Every couple of minutes the pedals suddenly go really loose and don't do anything almost as of the chain has come off but then after a few turns it's fine again for another few feet. Any idea what this is?

I do have a service and repair plan with halfords so will take it to them to fix it as it isn't going to cost me but I've always found them a bit rubbish when it comes to doing work on bikes at my branch. (I took the bike to get a new inner tube fitted as was too lazy to do it myself and wanted to get my money's worth haha and they only put 60psi in the tyre!!!). So it would be a great help if anyone has any ideas what the problems are :smile:

Thank you :smile:


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Take it in if you don't know what to do. Sounds like a bearing issue with the front wheel. Gears may need the indexing adjusting.

Both simple jobs, and there are on line videos available, but you will need cone spanners to adjust the wheel.

Take the wheel off and turn the axel. It should feel fairly smooth. I say fairly smooth as cheap wheels aren't that smooth.via it feels gritty, then it needs servicing.

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Chain slip is usually an adjustment issue with the rear deraileur (can never spell that) and can be sorted at the shop
Not too sure about your wheel problem as I tend to stay away from quick release anything!
Hopefully you will get these issues sorted as they are upsetting your riding and enjoyment. I really don't like Halfords, I find them to sell sub standard gear (I was about to by panniers until the bracket dropped off in the queue for the till)! Get as much ride out of this bike as you feel you can and if you ever upgrade then you should really use a bike specific shop or try ebay. Even the camp gear at Halfords is shockingly bad :angry:


Oh I did buy the bike from a proper bike shop it was just that a 3 year care plan was £40 where as the shop wanted loads more


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First of all, how long have you had the bike and how much wear and tear has it had? If its not long and something is faulty, rather than an adjustment, demand replacement parts
If the gears just need adjusting, your service plan will cover it, its unlikely to be caused by damage, unless you know of a reason.
Although rare, it could be a faulty freehub body, faulty chain, cassette teeth etc all this and more would be checked by a compertant mechanic.
As for the wheel, its often something simple unless its obviously faulty, but you are probably not going to know that. Assuming the cones are adjusted properly, remove the qr skewer clean and grease before re assembly, you never know?
If you are lucky to have a halfords with good staff your money will be well spent but if not its a waste of £40.
It would be a shame if you cant trust them to do much more than a puncture repair, what a waste of time having to take your bike down to halfords every time you need a simple job doing rather learn yourself


Well I got the bike back yesterday and in all fairness for once they've done a good job and it's all fixed. And by taking it to the Worcester one rather than my local Bromsgrove shop I didn't have to wait 3 days for them to do it :smile:
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