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After looking about lbs's for a new road bike (and posting random qs about here) I think I am sticking with my original viewing of a cube peloton (I think.. I went to see this as well, but a bit over budget at 999euro b4 shoes and pedals)

However went to see a felt z85, not keen on looks of it (and also over budget from only dublin supplier) but the sales suggested that the 61cm frame of the peloton would prob be too large for me - I tried the 61cm cube (in another shop of course) and it <i>seemed</i> to fit, but as I am new to this I am not entirely sure what to look for, i.e. reach felt ok etc, but no idea how I would go after 80-100miles+ etc..

would 61cm (standard geometry as far as I can tell) fram seem reasonable? I am approx 6'2" with approx 34"inside leg, and gangly long arms!

And what about opinions on the Corratec?

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This will give you a reasonable range to check/consider.


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If you're new to it, nothing will feel confortable after 100+ miles. Sizes do vary between brands. If you're not familar with riding you will have to rely on a test ride and the advice from the sales person. Do some research on the web just to get an idea of the sort of size you require, and good luck.


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tundragumski said:
Sizes do vary between brands.

Agreed, I was a large on a specialized and medium on a Scott, Manafacturers sometimes use the lenght of the top tube as their sizing guide and some use the upright tube from the middle of the crank to the top of the seat insert for thiers.

You are best off sitting on the bike you are looking at buying.


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thanks all once again..
I did sit on the bike (the peloton) and took it about a carpark (was really only concentrating on the groupset) and it felt ok, but tried a (much smaller) felt in another shop (didnt have one my size, but worth a spin to see what the compact tiagra was like) and when talking to the felt salesman he didnt seem to think the size of cube I tried woud be right for me.. so it made me doubt it a bit hence the post!
I am getting the bike paid by my company tom (bike2work) so I guess I will need to double check when I pick it up.. I am sure if not happy I can change before taking delivery..

I am not new to long cycles, but only on my flat bar hybrid, which causes a bit of stiffness at back and shoulders at 60mile+..

Maybe I should just man up!!
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