bike trailers .

ive got one of tose fabric covered bike trailers for the kids/shopping,got it from the recycling center for a fiver a whilee back,now anyone thats used one will know that they realy drag with the knobly small wheels one them as standard,so after a tough trip home from the shops (18 miles) i decided bigger wheels were needed with thinner tyres to reduce the drag. i gappened to have a matching pair of wheelchair wheels ,with very little tinkering they went on a treat! result is a easier ride by a long way.



my next project is a trailer for my 14 foot canoe.......
Canoe trailer. Interesting idea, wonder if one for my Fulmar would work. Round trip is 28 miles though.

mend and make do

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rush hour here is a herd of fresian cows and a quad bike!
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