Bikes in Paris


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Thousands of these Velieb bikes in Paris. Brilliant. Loads of banks of parking for them. Just pick up a bike - cycle where you need to - leave bike at destination in nearest Velib parking - and they are all over the place. Paid for by the length of time you use the bike.

Built in dynamo lights, basket for a bit of load carrying, chain guards so you don't get dirty clothes... they were in use all over the place.



It looks great. Have you used them?

I read in a local Cambridge paper (maybe Cab can enlighten us) that they're thinking of introducing a similar scheme there. They tried it about 20 years ago, and most of the bikes got nicked on the first day.


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No, didn't use them on this occasion. This visit to Paris was pure romance between husband & self. Loads of err... well... *romance* and loads of walking arm-in-arm taking in the sights and sitting in cafes drinking coffee, wine...

It was *lovely* :blush:
Was anyone else using them. There seems to be a lot of unused bikes in the picture!!

Oh and do they come with a helmet camera...:blush:


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We were in Paris a couple of weeks ago and many people were using the bikes. The only thing that stopped us having a go was that you had to register your credit card and leave quite a hefty deposit (perhaps 100 euros) somewhere. Seemed like a good idea for people who regularly used them (pick up and leave anywhere in the special bike racks all over town) but not for passing tourists.


read something about these, there's a depot at the top of some big hill that's always empty and one at the bottom of said big hill that's always full
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