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Ive seen a similar article a while back (probably a year or two ago) They were testing it around Yorkshire.

General consensus being that you would most likely be kicked off the bus if a mother with a pram or a wheelchair user got on and needed the space because they have higher priority than you do.
Nice idea but no way would I put a wheel in one of those racks.
Which they seem to strongly advise/insist on.
You don't get such things on most trains.
So a big fail.
Back to the drawing board.
Half the point of riding a bike is so I don't have to go on the bleeding bus.
Bus services, or any form of public transport, is very limited in some parts of the country.
So anything that integrates bikes and public transport is a great idea I think - I'm looking forward to using my brommie with an OAP bus pass.
Just not using those racks with a full-size bike.


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Rear hangers:




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I wouldn't be able to lift my bike onto those rear hangers without help from someone - the driver I suppose.

@Blue Hills I've often taken the Brompton on buses. Got a long wait for me free pass - I expect they'll have scrapped them by then!

Presumably if the space was needed for a wheelchair or pushchair you could ride for a while until the next bus comes along.
I I've often taken the Brompton on buses. Got a long wait for me free pass - I expect they'll have scrapped them by then!
Well in the meantime some areas of the country have decent paid for daypasses which can be handy.
The free OAP bus pass was one of the few indisputably great things that Blair did in my opinion.
If it is scrapped/made near useless by the continued scrapping of rural bus services, then Boris and his ilk will be shown as bullshitting charlatans, however much stuff they may spout about "northern powerhouse", "levelling up" or whatever.
Free passes in london come at 60 of course. Bus, train, tube, etc etc.


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Somebody had the bright idea of adding bike racks on the back of some of the minibuses servicing the hilltop villages round here. A weary rider could hop on a bus, get taken up a troublesome hill, ride around up high, and then freewheel back down to the valley. Great idea, eh? :smile:

Er, NO...

You had to plan ahead and book at least 24 hours before you felt tired or curious and wanting to explore! :thumbsdown:

Buses went up and down the hills with empty bike racks. No good asking the driver... no reservation, no bike on bus!
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