Birds and Bells


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Just wondering has anybody got any idea of what will wake up and or scare off birds [the feathered kind] ?
Ok I live out in the sticks a bit but the number of seemingly suicidal kamikaze birds is getting ridiculous. You can't really dodge the things as they whizz from hedgerow to hedgerow and hitting a large-ish bird seems as though it could be really bad news. I've hit a few on the m/cycle but that's wearing leathers and body armour [still hurts though]. Bit of a longshot I know but any ideas [other than a shot of sake and a banzai scream]?
Train one of these to sit on your glove! :smile:



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Sparrows, chaffinches and even blackbirds are one thing, but I had a red kite swoop in attempting to land in front of me on a fast downhill section of bridleway.
They're impressive creatures when you see them in flight, but I hadn't realized just how big they are until that moment. Fortunately I managed to avoid it although I'm still not entirely sure how...


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I hit a large bumble bee at 70 mph back when I used to ride motorbikes. It felt like someone had punched me in the face and I couldn't see for exploded bee. That only happened once thankfully.


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Tie a pussy cat to your hel ....... sounds wrong .
Put a cat on your head .
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