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Discussion in 'Folding Bikes' started by NigelGF, 8 Nov 2018.

  1. NigelGF

    NigelGF New Member

    Somerset UK
    Hi can any body tell me the Model Year of my Birdy ?

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  2. Cycleops

    Cycleops Guru

    Accra, Ghana
    Afraid I can't but a fine looking machine, always fancied one. How do you like it?
  3. OP

    NigelGF New Member

    Somerset UK
    The Birdy is really nice to ride, I also have a Brompton I personal think the Birdy is a better ride, the 18 inch Wheels and the front Suspension make a big difference.
    I bought mine secondhand as it was in really good condition, it does not fold down as small as the Brompton,but folds down small enough to pop into the car.which is great,I think if you are commuting a lot on Buses or Train's the Brompton is better bet.
    The Birdy has 21 gears compared to the Brompton 6 gears,which is handy when riding in hilly terrain.
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  4. ukoldschool

    ukoldschool Well-Known Member

    whats it look like folded? can you post up a pic next to your brommie?
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  5. berlinonaut

    berlinonaut Active Member

    I am in no way a Birdy-expert but would assume possibly 1997 (V-brakes, birdy logo still at the rear end of the top tube, no bosses for a front carrier). In any case before model year 2006 (this was when the new frame shape appeared) and after 1996 (the Birdy did not have V-brakes back then). Newer Version of the logo here: Online/Birdy-Red-folding-bike.jpg

    Here's a log of what has changed over the years on the Birdy: It is in German, but maybe Google Translate can help.

    Here are some hints especially for older models like yours: You should be aware that with the older models there were some security related flaws - i.e. you should definitively check the stem where it connects to the handlebars as there happened breakages in that area that could cause a bad crash.
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