Bizarrest anti cycling rant yet - where is my rear view mirror?


So today, one of my colleagues mentioned to a couple of people who work in the same organisation that I'd been deliberately run over.
As these things often do, it quickly desended into a bit of a tirade against cyclists!
First person was grumbling about cyclists in primary position, which she claims was as bad as what had happened to me. I explained primary position and she seemed to get it and said she'd never realised what it was all about
Next one then piped up about "why don't cyclists have to follow the rules of the road?" When I said they did she demanded to know where my rear view mirror was! I said but of course I didn't have a rear view mirror, explained why, she claimed this proved her point! When I asked her where I should stick a rear view mirror she moved on. She next demanded to know why I didn't have indicators, again I rationally explained, but she was triumphant as again I had apparently proved her point.
It went on in this vein for quite some time (of course road tax got a mention) until she started on about cyclists overtaking on the inside. I again calmly explained about filtering, explained that sometimes it's safer on the outside, sometimes safer on the inside, explained about dooring and getting killed by being doored into the path of oncoming traffic she said "I do understand that you're trying to reduce the chance of getting killed, but I don't agree with it and I think you're ridiculous".
At this point my colleague and the other woman were flabbergasted. Remember this tirade started after my colleague had told them about some one threatening to kill me and deliberately knocking me over.
Have to say, once again I've been left feeling stunned that someone could be so farking stupid, ignorant, insensitive.
people like this just make me despair.

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Yep - and she gets to vote in the election too.


You sound like you work with idiots. At least by voicing their ill-informed opinions they have made themselves known to you and you can ignore them in future.
they tend to promote them tho..
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I'd have suggested you have a couple of indicators dangling off your shoulders and that you use them a darn sight more than many millions of people driving motor vehicles do.

If all else fails get her a cut out and wear Katie Hopkins mask, they sound like they'd be happy stealing oxygen together.
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