Bkool User Uploaded Routes Slope issue


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Another issue I'm trying to solve with user created Routes is that Bkool seems to override the smoothed slope data in my GPX file. I've found that if a GPX file is uploaded without 'corrected' Altitude the option to create a 3D route is not available. YET the slope on these files is not accurate or not interpreted correctly by Bkool (leading to many -2% to +3% transitions).

Does anyone have any experience with solving these issues?

Frustratingly I'm also finding that on some of my routes it takes MORE watts to achieve the same speed I do in real life?? Part of this I think can be attributed to the bad slope interpretation (I.E. places where the road is going up at 1% Bkool shows 2.5%).

Recorded route data shows a large difference between what my original GPX file showed and what Bkool used for slope.
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