Bl**dy neighbour ...


... has just had a burglar alarm fitted and is being shown how it works, blasted thing going off every few minutes :sad:

Must get a quote for triple glazing.


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Just wait till he goes out and nick it.


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We have got a new neighbour at one end of our road ... and I'm sure it was them that I saw running away from an empty house at the other end about 2 seconds after I heard breaking glass... but not certain. I'm hoping that I'm wrong but very worried in case I'm right:sad:

gary r

when we lived in London the alarm opposite was going off all night on Christmas eve & most of christmas morning( a fault i presume as there didnt seem to be a break in),The Police didnt want to know and the house owners were abroard for christmas.My father in law had enough by midday and took a ladder over the road cut the cable & smashed the alarm to bits with a hammer (the alarm has a battery so cable cutting doesnt stop it).There were cheers from all the neigbours as he carried his ladder back home.nice peaceful christmas day!!!


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When we got burgled (in the early days of us living together) it looked like the flat had been tidied up :smile: Mind you, they nicked a load of papers etc, and the police contacted me 6 months later to let me know they'd arrested someone who'd been trying to sell my passport in a dodgy pub!


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Don't need alarms in my street .

We have dogs ,loads of them have suddenly appeared and each one barks,barks barks .

Then sod me all the others start talikng back .

Starts early all afternoon then late tea time .

It's going to be great to sit in the garden trying to enjoy the tranquility of a glorious day .

Get the bike out .Lets get way from them .
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