blacka moor (helmet cam)

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    this isn't brilliant quality tbh, but i'm posting it anyway just so you can see the helmet cam. I think this is partly due to the fact that I've got the camera on my helmet instead of the handlebars and it's an off-road trail, and partly due to the fact that I saved it with windows moviemaker as a .wmv and then on realising it was too big for youtube, imported that .wmv and saved it with more compression rather than re-editing the original (this must be why the writing is dodgy). But I've uploaded it now so i'll post it anyway...
    the trail looks a LOT smoother than it is... on this video, I think this is because it's very leaf-strewn due to it being autumn...
    to give you an idea, my 'guide to MTB trails in the peak district' has 'arrow' ratings on trails, red for moderate up/down hill, black for difficult up/down hill, and double-black for very difficult up/down hill, this is graded a double-black down hill.

    This trail starts about here (and descends to shorts lane) for anyone interested...
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