Blaydon Cycle Club does Spain


On the road to nowhere
Some of the lads are back from a cycling holiday in Spain and one of them have posted their impressive stats. I'm jealous that they went and that they are physically capable, I only wish I had the time and money. The stats have contributed to 3 of them being in the Strava world climbing challenge. Top 10

Rides - 7
Miles covered - 470
Total climbing - 67000 feet
HC climbs - 3
Longest climb 20miles
Biggest climb 4500 feet
Longest ride - 112 miles
Sore legs - 12
Beers consumed ????

Well done lads.

Hip Priest

Madness! Winter is about enduring abjecting misery. Numb fingers, overshoes, rubbing mudguards, filthy roads and potholes. Why would anyone want to go and ride on smooth Spanish Tarmac in the blazing sunshine?
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