Blocking 3G Web Access

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Slightly unusual issue as I have a problem blocking web access rather than getting it! A little background; my middle son, Tom, 26, has Downs Syndrome and enjoys a great life with Supported Living in the Community. For many years he has used a basic mobile to call his parents and brothers. Tom can't dial the numbers but understands the names on speed dial.

We know Tom has wanted a smart phone for ages so for Christmas have bought him the Moto G (seems like a very good phone on the basis of a few days looksee) with the 3G option. My concern is web access via 3G, I would like to block this on the phone for three reasons, content, "sociability" and cost. From the content view I can obviously use an 18+ filter though I'm not convinced this works. Clearly we need to be careful over the content Tom can access. Secondly what I term "sociability," all the housemates have web access in a supervised communal area and I'm keen to avoid my son spending hours surfing in his room; thirdly Tom has no concept of money or cost.

Any suggestions as to how I can block web access via 3G in a manner which would allow me to enable it if necessary? Wi Fi isn't a problem as the house wi fi is password secured.



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Put in a 2G sim?


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If you were to switch of the data and wireless connection would he be able to switch them back on?

Or is it likely that one of his mates might do it for him?


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Couldn't quite see what I was looking for in Giff Gaff but EE do something called Talk and Text packs ... would that work?

What are his friends and family on? Most of mine are on Giff Gaff so we can chat to each other for free.
You can turn it off easily. Do you think he can turn it on himself? It's pretty easy to access. I'd suggest going with a no-data sim.

Are you setting up the phone for him? He'll need a gmail account. You can create that, and then put all his contacts in there. If you add photos for each one, then he can have icons on his home screen for each person he calls with their face on it.

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It was very easy to switch off on my daughter's cheap phone. She blasted through her credit very quickly as the 3G was the factory set default method of getting online. Like I said, it was very easy to switch off so it would only use wifi.


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My son is autistic and like your son has no concept of money.

I went with Tesco Mobile - the only provider I could find that caps spending. £7.50 a month for 250mins\5000texts\500MB data. You can state how much can go over the basic rate so I opted for £2.50. So possible total spend is £10.


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If you go for a phone/text only SIM then surely you will be removing one of the mail reasons for having a smart phone. Namely the apps etc. I think if you can get a SIM with a data limit as suggested by @drummerbod that would be the best option, then set all filters as high as you can.
What would Tom use the smart phone for if all data was switched off?
If you go for a phone/text only SIM then surely you will be removing one of the mail reasons for having a smart phone.
Yup, but you can still leave the wifi on and connect that way when at home or using a free connection (security issues to be considered though). It's how my daughter uses her phone, mostly because she gets £5/month included in pocket money to keep credit on her phone and anything above that she has to fork out for.

edit: Come to think of it thats how I use my phone when abroad too. Data off, calls only and wifi in hotels.


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I have an Android mobile and when abroad I switch Mobile Data off, some Apps (not sure which) kindly switches it back on.
I would speak to the Network Provider and see if they can provide a sim without any Data access or do as @drummerbod suggests above.
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