Bloke on bonnet

Reminds me of an incident at work about 20 years ago!

Alarm bell rings on station, both Fire Aplliances despatched to fire.

After a minute or so a message comes over the radio 'Can you stop immediately theres a mechanic on the roof.'

You should have seen his face, I've never seen anyone so white:biggrin::biggrin:

He had arrived on station to carry out a minor repair and had failed to inform anyone. I dont think he ever made that mistake again.
It's not like some crazed motorist tried to run someone down and didn't care that some sap was clinging to their car... they were trying to get away from someone.

I'm not sure if I fully agree of course, although if someone was threatening me I wouldn't want to stop... and do you think they were going to leave him alone if he stopped? Seems doubtful imo

"They said there was nobody available and kept telling me I had to stop, but I told them I wasn’t stopping until I got to the police station. They told me I couldn’t drive down the Main Street of Newcastle with someone on the bonnet of my car and I said ‘yes I can’.”
After three miles Brown was pulled by cops and subsequently charged with the aforementioned assault and dangerous driving, plus driving while using a mobile phone.
lol - yes I can!

I thought that using the phone for an emergency call was okay?
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