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I was curious, would there be any issues with putting a flashing blue and a flashing red light on the back of my bike? I can't help but think that it would deter close passes and make drivers more aware.

I was thinking of something like this and mounted under each other and flashing at the same time.


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I seem to remember you aren't allowed to use flashing blue lights on a vehicle unless it's an emergency vehicle.


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I'd say it's a really good way to get attention. Sadly the attention is likely to be from the Rozzers, who will prosecute you if they can* and waste a lot of your time if they can't.

To members of the public Blue lights, especially flashing, mean emergency services.

*And I bet they can!


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As byegad said. 2010/2011 winter there was a 4x4 going around around with 2 bright blue lights mounted on the dashboard, they weren't even flashing, the chaos this driver caused even on nearly empty roads was phenomenal. Drivers were doing emergency stops on main roads because they saw the vehicle at a junction etc.

I also know of a cyclist who rides around with a blue rear light, the rider doesn't see it as a problem because he isn't effected by it (& never shoulder checks) but it's bright enough that when it's dusk or night you see people reacting in a very unpredictable way behind the rider.


Quite some time since I was involved in enforcing Road Traffic law, but it used to be not so much that you couldn't have blue or any other colour lights, but that you could only show white lights to the front and red lights at the rear. The obvious exception was reversing lights.
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