BMW Hit & Run


Crikey that's nasty. Unfortunately this is the third report I have seen this week of people having to do their own investigations and obtain CCTV evidence themselves after a serious collision before the police will do anything and even then it is very limited. It seems like unless someone is killed the police do not take it seriously enough.


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"The police are investigating but at this time have not made any arrests. After being told to obtain the CCTV himself, Thonmoy immediately passed it to investigating officers."
Why, in God's name? What are the frigging police/authorities for if not to identify, pursue and bang up scumbags like this? I'm genuinely astonished.


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Assuming that the witnesses stayed around to talk to the authorities it, should have been very clear that this was not just a case of someone falling off a bike of their own volition. Looking to secure CCTV should have been a priority before the evidence is lost. It is also a bit strange that the video has surfaced before any prosecution.


As I said above third similar issue I have seen reported this week. See below I have copied a post from the local cycling group Facebook page:

"Police still not got back to me with any progress with the chap that knocked me off my bike last Saturday even though we have photo of his van and with his personal details being on Facebook (he’s now taken this down). Been told by consultant it’ll be 4 months until I’m back to full fitness. It looks like cyclists being badly injured by hit and run drivers is not a priority for police in Derby. I seem to have got more response and information from this cycling group than the police and even had to go into the pub myself to get a decent copy of CCTV as police say their copy was too poor quality to identify van. It then took a minute for me to get a positive ID for van from people in this group. Doesn’t give me much confidence in cycling again in Derby. Thanks to everyone for helping so far."

Many responses on Facebook sympathetic to police being under resources. I am not sure that sympathy to the police for doing a piss poor job is necessarily appropriate myself.


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DVLA and get the owners details. It's then down to the owner to provide the driver details.

Owner fails to provide the driver details, go after them.


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Can't believe that they haven't identified the driver yet despite the pictures and a full index number.

In other news, cyclists need to get registration plates for their bikes so they can be hunted down in case they shout abuse at any driver who got too close.

Mind boggling stuff going on here. I think it's probably easier to send Neil Armstrong to the moon than it is to figure out why the guy needed to obtain cctv footage himself.

Edit: since posting this, I have come across a separate article about the police bing underfunded. That could possibly be a reason so no offence to any cops here.
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I just seen the shocking footage of this on the BBC. Though it is not possible to see what happened before the car veered across the road it looks deliberate. Perhaps the police did not have any evidence to suggest anything other than an accident before this - which is still no excuse for the guy having to do his own detective work - but they certainly do now. These people are dangerous and need to be taken off the street!
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