Boardman MTB Cycle Shoes? views please


Decathlon also do some good budget MTB shoes. Might be worth checking out. £35 for this one.

I bought these and bolted spd on but for the life of me I can’t get them to clip in and engage 😢


What's SD's returns policy if you've not had the cleats fitted yet that is?

"Sorry you bought it 60 seconds ago. Here's a credit note to spend with us when you are ready"

They apparently don't issue refunds unless the item is faulty.


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Rode the 5 miles to the bike shop with the new shoes in the backpack. Shimano pedals and cleats installed on the CX bike and the shoes. Bit of a giggly session in the shop getting the feel of the very stiff shoes and the pedals, by the end of which I wasn't having to look at my left foot going in though I was a little more toey (Aus.-wary or edgy) with the right foot. Did a few laps round the block and didn't fall off so decided to risk the roads and keep the clips on for the return journey.
Unclipping slightly before junctions etc, by the time I had done a mile I was doing both without looking. Feeling cocky by how easy it seemed (I was bricking it before I started) I decided to take a very long way home and tested myself on Harpers Lane & Heights Lane in Pendle - did them clean, though a little slow. Even stopped on Harpers, just before the killer kick, for a gratuitous bike pic or two. On return home I found that I had put in a PR on a long tedious ascent.
Now kicking myself for not going clipless years ago.
RE the Muddy Foxes - they were the only MTB clipless shoe in my size for miles around. They are only my intro shoe and I will decide over the course of the next few months what sort of clipless shoe I really want.
They work fine and were under £40. They are reputedly about £80 RRP. At that price they would be a rip off. I am normally a 10 and had to get an 11. When actually riding I can only manage a summer sock in them but that was warm enough today (6C and very little wind). The sole is very stiff and felt good on the pedal. Not so good off the bike as the lugs are hard as rock & feel slippery just walking around on hard surfaces. Be fine on soft ground but no grip on tarmac, stone, wet grass etc.
At £38 I'm not grumbling, they will do the job until I decide what I really want then they will be spares/loaners.
I will no doubt be wanting the hive knowledge and experience when coming to getting the next pair


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cycle shoes in general come up 1 size small across even the premium brands, agree with the pricing on muddy fox shoes they are no way worth the rrp i reckon they are like dfs "permantly on sale":smile:
I found the shoes too bendy for me when i tried them compared to my others shoes which are rock hard , then again if your happy with them then thats all that matters.
The sole flexibility was more of an issue on longer rides as i would get hot foot as i could feel the pedal through them with my awsome powah :rolleyes:


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Are those studs removable? If they are, unless you‘re planning on walking in mud I’d think about taking them out to make walking on hard surfaces easier.
Will have a proddle. I do quite a bit of gravel so will have to experiment to see if they are necessary.
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