Body mass index (calculator)


I live by the phrase mentioned under the calculator!!!

"Also your BMI may not be accurate if you are a weight-trainer or an athlete"

that explains 25.34. I must be an athlete!
Sorry, but I can't see how that's remotely accurate, I'm 5' 8" / 11st 12lb. and 'overweight' (ok 11 to 11 & 1/2 stone would be better). If I was 8st 10lb. I'd be in the ideal weight range apparently, only I'd look like I'd just come out of Belson.


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24.8 but that's only because I've been ill and lost weight, once it goes back on I'll be back to overweight ;-)
i'm 29.29 ( hell i'm the biggest so far, will have to consider deletion /cheating!)but think i've only half at stone at most to lose.
i do weight train but only a couple of times a week. 150 miles a week on the bike.
i think they should get a more accurate system, though it will probably make a few think before they eat.
apparently i have to cut down to 30 minutes excercise a day, the dog won't be happy!


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I then tried the calorie counter, that tells you how many calories you are burning for the exercise you do and it suggested that my commute might mean I'm doing too much exercise a day.


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BMI: 20
Exercise calories: 870*

Actually, I think I may need to start eating more. I've lost about a stone since I started cycling, and I don't really want to lose any more.

Maybe I should start having a hobbit-style second breakfast...

* The calories for cleaning seems a bit high to me. I wonder what kind of cleaning they are thinking of?
The calculator isn't 'wrong', it's just doing a calculation - what you then use that for...

Like it says
"This is general advice for adults only. It does not apply to children. It does not apply to pregnant women or breastfeeding women. Also your BMI may not be accurate if you are a weight-trainer or an athlete, if you are over the age of 60 or you have a long-term health condition. "​

I'm of slim build, always have been all my life.
A few years ago we moved house and changed doctors, they'd only accept us if we booked-in with the nurse for a checkover - blood pressure, etc.

She measured my weight (clothed, shoes off) and height (the measure fitted above the scales so she had to dedust the height of them...) and worked-out my BMI was 24.something.
"oh you're nearly overweight", she said, "you'll have to start watching what you eat".


A month or two later, a guy in the running club organised for a group of us to be guinea-pigs for the local college sports science course.
The students ran us though all sorts of tests, including body-fat measurement at 7 points using callipers - I was 15.something%

Obviously w-a-a-y fat.

See this site, which also does the calculation

It cautions however
"The BMI formula is not without its faults, though. Because it doesn’t take into account bone or muscle mass, it may not represent a reasonable estimate for very muscular or big-boned men, or older men who may be classified as underweight due to low muscle mass. After all, according to BMI standards, the following celebrities are considered overweight: Tom Cruise (BMI 26), George Clooney (BMI 29), Mark McGuire (BMI 30) and President George W. Bush (BMI 26). And surprisingly, Arnold Schwarzenegger (BMI 33), Sylvester Stallone (BMI 34) and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (BMI 33) are all considered obese! For men with a great deal of muscle mass, it’s best to consult a doctor about their ideal weight, instead of solely relying on BMI calculations."​


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I am BMI says I need to lose weight...but my calorie burner tells me I am over doing th eexercise and should ease back??????


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BMI's pretty rubbish and a guide only. Works if you don't exercise and don't have much muscle - and cyclists have big legs, so you'll never win.


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Mine's 23.42 according to the site. Odd as I had thought it would be lot higher since I am a fat git at the moment!

Doubly odd, as the practice nurse who used to weigh me, prior to searing me unnecessarily violently, with contraceptive injection, which caused me not to be able to sit down on that bum cheek for a week, always told me I was overweight when I weighed about 6 pounds less than I do at the moment and did two hours of exercise every day (one hour running, one hour weight training)!

In my experience very few health professionals have any idea what they are talking about when they are dealing with people who do any kind of sport.
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