Boeing 777 engine fire.


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All 777's have been grounded, apparently..
Must be a bit scary, looking out of the window as seeing that! 🔥

Edit: Boeing are recommending airlines ground many them, seemingly leaving it up to the airlines to decide?!
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It just doesn’t seem to get any better for Boeing does it? First it was the 737 Max and now QC issues at the South Carolina plant that makes the 787 Dreamliner.
Airlines have complained of poor quality control and a number of issues with poor and inconsistent workmanship with jets being delivered in a poor state.
Insiders have said it is because of management trying to speed up production. Such a shame as the 787 is a lovely aeroplane to fly. I’d be a bit wary about flying one now.
Im guessing the issue with this 777 is poor or improper maintenance.

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I've often wonder why people buy a product from a company with 'Pratt'un the name. Still since Eejut and Muppet stopped making jet engines they don't have much choice.
Tsk. I think you'll find this was a prototype from a competitor - Pritt and Witney.

Trouble is the residents of West Oxon know bugger all about making plane engines, and failed to use suitable glue.


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They have only grounded the 777s with that specific engine
apparently that engine model is only used on 777s so no other model is affected
Japan has banned any of this group flying over, taking off or landing in its airspace


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Did you see pictures of the engine cowling in peoples gardens... the front 'hoop' laying against someone's house wall.
That the shroud. Made from inconel and incredibly tough, supposed to contain the shrapnel in the event that the turbine blades let go, yet when it was really needed it fell off...

Be interesting to see if its a design issue, a maintenance concern, or because these jets have been sta ding largely idle and unused.


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or because these jets have been standing largely idle and unused.
There lies another reason why I won't be rushing to get back on an aircraft once we are allowed to travel. Having this amount of planes lying idle for such a long period is new ground for the industry (other than at specialist facilities like the ones in the Arizona desert). Normally planes are flying for an amazing amount of hours to keep them profitable, and only get pulled out of operational duties for scheduled maintenance. Who knows what sort of damage is being caused to them by lying idle. We might be about to find out the hard way....
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