Boiled Eggs and Third Degree Burns: Avoidance Of.


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Use those little rubber thimbles you get in offices. You'd only need two, one for tom thumb and one for peter pointer. They would offer sufficient resistance to the heat of the egg, enough to allow you to steady it, tap it once and then slice in with you rknife.

Weetabix is no bad though.
real men boil the egg while it's still in the chicken....

Big Bren

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You have my sympathy - eating and in some cases preparing food can indeed be a hazardous undertaking.

I recently suffered a horrific injury at the metaphorical hands of a pan of custard. I was instructed by my wife to stir furiously as the heating operation neared completion, to avoid the custard adhering to the bottom of the pan thus impacting negatively on it's forthcoming interface with a bowl of apple crumble. Taking this delegated authority seriously, I leaned over to make a visual inspection, just at the point when a geyser of boiling hot custard erupted to the surface, exiting the pan at terminal velocity and splattering all over my right eye. The sensation of boiling custard on ones eyeball is impossible to describe; suffice it to say, I believe I was lucky to retain my sight.

Despite my brush with permanent disability, my wife laughed her arse off.

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