bonkers price - touring bicycle dawes galaxy - strange price

Discussion in 'Touring and Adventure Cycling' started by stephenjubb, 25 Apr 2010.

  1. stephenjubb

    stephenjubb Über Member

    at least 6 years old dawes galaxy 720 collecting person

    or you can go to Spa Cycles, brand new 2009 dawes galaxy 863.00

    Some people really do not do their research when selling.
    Would really love to post my real opinion but reckon it would be heavily sensored.

    What does everyone else think of that price on Ebay?

    I suppose there is the fact it may have been made in the UK, butted tubing, Reynolds 531ST but even so.
  2. dodgy

    dodgy Guru

    Don't knock the seller, it might actually go for that price. There are a lot of sheep mentality idiots on eBay - and I've done quite well out of them over the years ;)
  3. OP

    stephenjubb Über Member

    If he does get that price then I will admit then he has done well
  4. PpPete

    PpPete Guru

    Chandler's Ford
    If he gave a full equipment spec, started it at £50 and was prepared to pack and ship it, he might well get £500 for it. £720 - my guess is probably not.
  5. New Horizon

    New Horizon Über Member

    Its ended and he declined the highest offer of £580.00, which is a bit silly. The bike looks little used and very original, but that horrible multi-tone paint colour would put me off. I suspect they've looked at the new price (£1150) and based it on that, rather than on what they can be bought for new.
  6. Bandini

    Bandini Guest

    A couple of months ago, I saw a second hybrid (can't remember what) for £100 more than the brand new price! I messaged the seller with a link and he replied with thanks, saying that he didn't know.
  7. Muddyfox

    Muddyfox Veteran

    It never ceases to amaze me what people will buy and how much they'l pay for it on that auction site

  8. gb155

    gb155 Fan Boy No More.


    As im selling a few stuff at the moment, lets hope so :laugh:
  9. Muddyfox

    Muddyfox Veteran

    Good luck gb .. i hope you do well

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