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Was looking at buying a reasonably priced torque wrench drive to do some component upgrades. Regarding external bottom brackets, they say tighten to a certain torque but my question is do you need a special torque wrench for components like bottom brackets or how do you use a basic torque wrench on an external bottom bracket?




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I'd say it's not essential. If you do want to use one you'll need a special tool with a square Drive which engages with the external bearings. This shows you how:

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[QUOTE 4911929, member: 9609"]when ever I have been aiming for a specific torque but can't use the torque wrench for whatever reason. I would practice on something else to get a feel of what that torque feels like, then try to replicate that same pull on the component.
(remember to try and do the practice run holding the wrench in the same way, position and same distance from the nut)[/QUOTE]
This is excellent advice and really works well for high torque applications like BBs. It doesn't translate well to low-torque applications because the error becomes too big. I always told my students to buy a small torque wrench and practice torque on someone else's large (expensive) torque wrench for the two places where that is needed namely BB and cassette lockring.
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