torque wrench

  1. G

    Torque Wrench

    Hi there Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced torque wrench with a good nm range but with a smallish head that allows you to tighten the seat post clamp without actually touching and marking the seat post. Thanks in advance J
  2. L

    Is this torque wrench/repair stand good or not?

    I want to buy torque wrench and bike repair stand. Without spending a lot. First is torque wrench. Its between 2nm - 24nm Is that enough for all cycling tightening needs? I will be...
  3. G

    Torque Wrench

    Hi there - I've now bought myself the following torque wrench. It looks and feels great. The only thing I'm a bit concerned about is that the gauge only displays even numbers whereas my two bikes that require adjustment are odd numbered nm (5 and 7). I presume I just set the torque wrench...
  4. Fifelad

    X Tools essential torque wrench set

    This set has an extension bar, which I have never had to use, but there is no adaptor as part of the set ?
  5. S

    Is a torque wrench really necessary ?

    Hi I have a titanium Brompton and i'm wondering about investing in a torque wrench. However, taking i don't (yet) do huge millage on it i was concerned that a torque wrench can become de-calibrated over time/ when not in use and using it unawares whilst in this state is likely to achieve the...
  6. steveindenmark

    Torque wrench

    I have decided to stop guessing and buy a bike specific torque wrench. Recommendations are requested 🔧😁
  7. alecstilleyedye

    Found a Bargain? Do Tell.

    Post any bargains you find here. If you consider it a bargain, that's good enough for us. I'll kick off with Aldi's 18th September bike clothing.
  8. mikeloveshisrockhopper

    LBS and Torque Wrench

    Hi all, On Saturday, I had a need to use a bike shop outside of my area while visiting family. The shop has a fantastic reputation in the area. While I was there, I asked him to chuck some carbon grease on my seat post and I was surprised to see him NOT use a torque wrench when tightening it...
  9. guitarpete247

    Toolzone torque wrench

    I've got a torque wrench for the smaller jobes like seat clamp and stem but I'm now thinking of getting something for beefier jobs like BB. I've been doing some research and see I'll need a bi-directional wrench for left and right hand thread of BB. I've seen this Toolzone model 20 - 110 Nm. The...
  10. A

    Bottom bracket torque

    Hi, Was looking at buying a reasonably priced torque wrench drive to do some component upgrades. Regarding external bottom brackets, they say tighten to a certain torque but my question is do you need a special torque wrench for components like bottom brackets or how do you use a basic torque...
  11. S

    Torque wrench for a stem?

    If looking to lower the stem on my bike down the steerer, should I be sure to use a torque wrench, as opposed to tightening solely via an Allen key?
  12. M

    60 nm Torque wrench

    Hello All, I was just looking around for heavy duty torque wrenches up to 60nm, however I thought it would be best to ask the experts. I want a torque wrench capable of tightening bottom brackets that require loads of torque (If you can use it in that way). I was hoping that someone could...
  13. Dirtyhanz

    SOLD: TW5 park tool torque wrench

    Hi I have TW5 park tool torque wrench in good condition not been used much looking for £40 posted Thanks
  14. mick1836

    Cycle Torque Wrench

    Have been thinking of buying a 'cycle' torque wrench similar to the one below, how many CC members own / use one?
  15. bernieUK

    Norbar 13285 1-20Nm 1/4 Sq Drive Torque Wrench with "bits" *NEW*

    An unwanted Christmas Present. Comes with a Britool BRIE030704B 8 Piece Hex Bit 1/4in Drive Socket Set (2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8mm) as well as T25 & T27 BAHCO Torx 1/4in Bits! None of it has been used. The torque wrench comes with the calibration certificate as you would expect. Looking for...
  16. Pat "5mph"

    Torque wrench bit - what's it called?

    Hi all! Fearing this was a stupid Pat 5mph question, I have asked others first, but they did not have the answer :smile: So: got this big values torque wrench a while ago on discount, only today had a chance to use it as I was changing a cassette, which, as we all knew :whistle: needs tightened...
  17. migrantwing

    Torque Wrench

    Does anyone have any experience with either of these Torque wrenches? Looking to get a cheap one for using once in a while. Planet X Jobsworth Torque Wrench Set Wiggle Lifeline Essential Torque Wrench Set Mighty Torque Wrench Set I was thinking of buying just a torque wrench, for instance...
  18. Kevin Alexander

    Torque Wrench

    Hi Guys I am installing pedals and the user guide is saying 34 newton m but my torque wrench only goes up to 24. Does that mean I need to buy a new torque wrench with a higher ranger or is there a way of using my current one and not over/under tightening?
  19. summerdays

    Using a torque wrench?

    Thanks to @Pat "5mph" posting about the wiggle offer on a torque wrench, I now have one. I know the value is marked on my seat post clamp, but where do I find other values? And my saddle slips unless it's done up very tightly, too tightly for me to normally do up and stop it from slipping. Can...
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