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  1. Kryton521

    Bottom Bracket question, sorry.

    Can anyone tell me what size of bottom bracket is on a Domane SL6? To replace the BB I need special tools, I think they are press fit? Are the tools available for hire? Is it worth buying them? LBS is shut during lock down and BB has developed annoying creak/rattly noise
  2. RobinS

    Bottom Bracket Longevity Question

    So, as I have lots of time on my hands I have stripped down and rebuilt mine and JanetS' tourers - complete clean, degrease, re-grease and lube, new chains (Cassettes replaced 5000km ago seem OK with the new chains), new tyres, new Butterfly bar foam and grips, new bar tape and saddle for me...
  3. Lee

    Bottom bracket made of cheese! Help :(

    Hoping someone can give us some advice. Bottom bracket is basically creak crackered, after riding for literally an hour the crank is nearly ready to fall off, starts off creaking then begins to go loose and starts wobbling :sad: Options please? fix or new alternative needed. Bike is a...
  4. mr_cellophane

    Bottom Bracket Crank fitting

    I took this old BB out this morning. The cranks were held by a standard bolt, so I didn't pay much attention to them. Both sides had identical bolts holding the crank arms. However when I when to put the right hand crank back there isn't a hole for the bolt. The "pin"in the axle is lose. HELP!!
  5. davidphilips

    bb86 bottom bracket prices?

    Just been looking at the prices of bb86 bottom brackets, most seem to be (to me) very expensive well upwards of £100 yet i have seem Shimano bb86s for about £25 and cheap from china bbs for less than that. question is are the £100 or £200 bottom brackets all that better than the £25 shimano...
  6. DCBassman

    Why is it a "bottom bracket" and not a "crankshaft"?

    In all the cycling stuff I've read, the name of this piece has never been adequately explained. Tell me it's something simple, and I'll shut up...
  7. M

    Strange noise when turning pedals on new bike

    Hi all, After recently indexing the gears on a new bike (not yet written), I’ve come back to it tonight to check everything over and there’s a noise I’ve not noticed before. Any ideas? Wondering if the chain needs lube or it’s the bottom bracket, obviously more worrying. Video below, try...
  8. funk2monk

    Bottom bracket removal

    Cleaning up a few old frames and i have removed all salvageable parts except the righthand sjde threaded cup! The other side is relatively easy and a conventional spanner fits, but this side is larger than my biggest 32mm but so thin i cant grip with a set of adjustables! Thought about welding a...
  9. Brandane

    Cycling through flood water.

    I hope this guy stripped and re-greased his hubs and bottom bracket after this bit of bravado.....
  10. 120308

    Sold. Shimano 105 Octalink chainset and Ultegra bottom bracket.

    Sold, Shimano 105 Octalink chainset and Ultegra bottom bracket. FC-5502 (105)double, 172.5 crank length, 53/39 rings. Excellent condition except for a couple of marks on the non drive side crank arm (shown in pictures). Cadence magnet also adhered to non drive side arm but can be easily...
  11. ChrisEyles

    73mm cartridge bottom bracket in 68mm shell?

    I have a 73mm octalink BB that I'm wondering if I can use in a 68mm shell frame. I'm thinking if I use a 2.5mm spacer on the drive side the chain line would be the same (might see if a cassette spacer will fit). The only disadvantage I can see is that there'd be 2.5mm less threads engaged on...
  12. K

    Pinging or knocking heard from bottom bracket

    Hey All, Without taking the bike apart, I was hoping to figure out what a knocking or pinging sound is due to. It seems like it's coming from the bottom bracket. It happens at the same point in my peddle cycle (although that point has changed over time). I suspect something is loose like a...
  13. R

    Bottom bracket axle length ?

    How do you determine the correct length square taper bottom bracket cartridge for a bare frame when you have no old one to go by ?
  14. J

    Specialized Allez Octalink Bottom Bracket - Which one?

    I think My Specialized Allez is either 2015 or 2016 (I bought it 2nd hand late last year) and is fitted with the Shimano Claris Octalink Groupset. I have recently started getting an annoying clicking noise once per pedal revolution which I think is coming from the BB. I've tightened everything...
  15. Black Sheep

    bottom bracket width (cottered cranks)

    Hi, I know this is workshop, but it applies to traditional tech so thought it better suited here. I need to replace the bottom bracket on my road bike, it's been on there 10 years, done goodness knows how much millage and it rocks and knocks. What's on is what I could get hold of at the time...
  16. I

    Replacement bottom bracket

    Servicing bike canlt seem to find replacement BB UN72 bottom bracket. Is there an alternative I can use
  17. I

    Replacement bottom bracket

    Servicing bike. Can't seem to find replacement BB UN72 bottom bracket. Is there an alternative I can use
  18. eldridge

    Bottom bracket.

    Hi folks I have a Boardmam comp which must be over 10 years old I'm looking to replace the BB Does anyone know the correct sized one and a decent make. I'm aware that there are loads of different sizes of BB but maybe someone will know off hand. Regards Eldridge.
  19. Phaeton

    Ticking Clicking Bottom Bracket?

    Some time ago I noticed that I had a noise on the crank, it was there when I first start to ride but would disappear after a few miles, it's now got to the point where it's there all the time. It's not loud but a slight tick/click can be heard somewhere between 6 & 7 then again somewhere between...
  20. rrarider

    Bottom bracket spindle lengths nomenclature

    Having bought a wrong sized BB spindle length a while ago, I know how important it is to measure the one that currently fits and order the correct length for a replacement. I'm puzzled by the markings I see on a Shimano un55 packet, namely: 107 : ( M107) 110 : (M110) 113 : (LL113) 115 : (D-H)...
  21. jay clock

    Which bottom bracket spacers for this bike/chainset combo

    I am setting up a Ridgeback Panorama Deluxe as a tourer and installing an MTB chainset (Deore 36-36-26). Frame is BB is 68mm and this model...
  22. Cycleops

    Bottom Bracket standards

    There is such s proliferation of bearing types on the market now and new ones are emerging all the time. This article might be useful to those of you who want to replace BB bearings or cranks. Also includes tables of bearing sizes and compatibility. There's also a section on help to eliminate...
  23. grellboy

    Fitting New Chainset - bottom bracket compatibility

    Need to find and fit a 46/36 chainset to my cx bike. The current one - fsa omega - works with a BB30. Have found others on ebay etc by different companies (the fsa omega version just seems to have disappeared) - but not sure if they would fit my bike. If i did go with another brand (eg shimano...
  24. andsaw

    Bottom Bracket Bearings

    Is paying more for Angular BB bearings worth it or is standard BB bearings which cost around two thirds less, and would be noticeable as i read the description that standard bearings only have 3-4 ball bearings in contact at any one time as the angular bearings have all ball bearing in contact...
  25. glasgowcyclist

    Replacement bottom bracket for Shimano UN73

    I still have my old Trek 850 from 1995 or thereabouts and, although I replaced it as my daily commute with a new bike in 2015, I'd like to get some more use out of the old thing as there's nothing wrong with it. The components are all worn silly so they're all going to need replaced, which...
  26. Rooster1

    Is 5000 miles for a Shimano Ultegra 6800 Bottom Bracket reasonable

    It started making noises a few weeks ago. I've had it out and greased up all the joints but the issue is inside. I think 5K is about right?? Or is that a little soon?
  27. Alsajosora

    Bottom bracket

    Just a quick query. I am going to replace the triple chainset on my MTB for a double. The current BB is a Hollowtech 2 style one. The Double chainset I have is a square taper fitting so I understand that I will have to change the BB. The BB shell is 68 across, so I have ordered a 68 x 113 from...
  28. ChrisEyles

    Seized bottom bracket: 0 --- Bench vise: 1

    I've been tinkering about with a new MTB recently - got a pretty good deal on it but it needed quite a lot of work. The entire drive train was pretty much shot to hell, covered in gunky gunge and sharks fin teeth all over the place. Fitting the new cassette and chain were no problem, but while...
  29. rrarider

    Bottom bracket spindle lengths

    After many years, my bottom bracket became noisy and I replaced it. The model that was worn measured 127.5 mm, so that it is the length of the replacement that I fitted. The replacement is fine; only a slight amount of twiddling with the limit screws was necessary and the inner chain ring clears...
  30. rrarider

    Raleigh lightweight bottom bracket threads, is one left hand thread?

    I have a 1984 Raleigh Record Ace; it beeds a new bottom bracket. Is one of the threads in the shell a left hand thread and if so, which one? I have a new component on order but before I damage something removing the old one, it would be useful to know the answer. Thanking all in advance.
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