bottom bracket

  1. Milzy

    BSA bottom bracket tool.

    Where can I buy a cheap one from? How do you know when you’ve torqued the threads up enough?
  2. HLaB

    Bottom Bracket Plastic Sleeve?

    In all my time I have nevery came across a plastic sleeve in a BB. However, last time I replaced mine with my then new then frame it was a perfect fit and a bit of googling suggested it would protect the BB bearings, so I left it in. However, ever since the bike has been silky smooth pedalling...
  3. Chief Broom

    Cartridge bottom bracket- what is it?

    Newbie question! I recently bought a Dawes discovery 201 which has a cartridge bottom bracket and im wondering what this is exactly and also whether its a feature of budget bikes. I think the wheels have pressed bearings- is this good/bad or normal with todays bikes. Any info much appreciated.
  4. A

    Fitting a bottom bracket to new frame

    I have a new Merlin G2X Gravel frame, I'm trying to install an SM-BBR60 68mm bottom bracket. On the drivetrain side I'm following the arrow for tighten, which is anti-clockwise. After just a couple of turns it gets really tight that I'm concerned about damaging the thread, is this normal for it...
  5. Tartanpimpernel

    Shimano Praxis T47 inboard bottom bracket

    Shimano T47 Praxis Inboard Bottom Bracket Came with a Groupset I bought, but surplus to requirements Please check compatibility and spec here - Has covered...
  6. W

    Shimano GC Shimano BB-7200 GB-100 DURA ACE Bottom Bracket 68mm 116mm 35xP1 French (LN)

    Can anyone tell me how to remove one of these ,ie which direction clockwise or anti-clockwise ? The frame is going for a respray and l don't want to leave it in the shell. PS l have had no luck either direction so far, it just won't budge :wacko:
  7. Milzy

    Ceramic BSA threaded Bottom bracket.

    I have a brand new sealed ceramic B.B from Uber bike components. It will fit road bikes with BSA type. These have great reviews and last a very long time compared to ceramic speed that are 3 times the price. £45 inc P&P
  8. Gixxerman

    Bottom bracket has tight spot when turned backwards

    Odd one this. I have a bike that has a bottom bracket that spins freely in the normal forward direction, but is harder to turn in reverse and has a tight spot in it whilst doing so. I have removed the chain to eliminate the free hub / derailleur as a cause. I have also spun the crank using the...
  9. battered

    Bottom bracket removal challenge

    I'm having a frame blasted and powder coated, so I'm stripping down. All OK, done it before. The BB was difficult. So with the special socket held in with a crank bolt to it wouldn't pop out, I got the socket clamped in the big vice. This is not my first rodeo. Been here before, and all that...
  10. R

    Bottom bracket renewal issue

    Ok everyone. Any one with a Carrera vanquish bike if any one needs to change the bottom bracket I've looked it up on net & saying 68 x 119 fitted on removing it it was a 68 x111 so make sure you check first before you buy
  11. R

    Bottom bracket renewal help please

    Need replacement for a Carrera vanquish. The one listed that's fitted is a chin haur sealed cartridge square tapper 68 x 119. Could I change to 68 x 118 or 68 x 122 in another brand pref shimano. Any help much appreciated. Thanks

    Brompton Pre 2013 Bottom Bracket

    The bb on my pre 2013 Brompton is on its way. Is there a 3ed party BB that fits? Don’t want to change the existing chain set
  13. gmw492

    Bottom bracket for groupset upgrade

    Hi, can anyone help me out , I’m thinking of upgrading my Specialized Tarmac sl4 road bike with R7000 105.It has Sora groupset on it with a OS sealed bearing bottom bracket , I’ve looked into what one I could use to replace but it’s a bit confusing as the OS has a shell 61mm wide and groupset...
  14. a.twiddler

    Linear Bottom Bracket Issue

    Flushed with success by my bar end gear lever conversion yesterday, today I thought I would change the bottom bracket on my Linear. It has been a bit rough for a while, but still usable. Still, I thought, why not start the New Year with a smooth running transmission. I had taken the cranks off a...
  15. jay clock

    Which bottom bracket for this Brompton?

    My neighbour has a Brompton and the bottom bracket has given up. Can someone advise what he needs to replace it with? I think I have the relevant tools, but if it looks like the one in the picture can someone advise what tool do I need for it? There only appear to be two different models...
  16. GuyBoden

    My wife has an eccentric bottom bracket.

    I just checked my Wife's bike and it has an eccentric bottom bracket. I've ordered a new Hollowtech BB, but I might have to adjust her eccentric bottom bracket. I never worked on an eccentric bottom bracket before. Any help?
  17. Maherees

    BB386 Press Fit bottom bracket

    I have a question not so much about a bike but a bike component: A few times i have seen some quite negative reactions when a bike has a press-fit bottom bracket - what is the issue with this type of bracket and can they be upgraded if there is an issue? Thanks
  18. Leslie

    Anti-Seize OR Grease on Threaded Square Taper Bottom Bracket?

    Hi all Just need some advice....I am currently building a fixed gear track bike (first time!) and have ordered a new sealed threaded square taper bottom bracket. (68x107mm)... so I was wondering whether you add grease OR anti-seize to the bottom bracket shell? OR I have heard that some people...
  19. bunnym0b

    Bottom bracket tools

    I am replacing the suspect bottom bracket with a Campagnolo Record ( early 1970s). I know I’ll need some tools but am not sure what ones. Are they universal? The suspect one has similar fitting save for the locking ring which has only a single notch in it. I believe it is not a sealed bearing...
  20. M

    Bottom bracket moves

    Hi folks, Just wondering what your thoughts were,i have a new cube attain 2020 and just noticed tonight that there is approx 2 mm sliding movement on the bottom bracket,is this normal or should it be looked into? Pretty sure if its a fault then should be covered under a warranty
  21. Shropshire65LW

    Crank / bottom bracket tools

    Are tools for the bottom bracket universal eg same for mountain bikes , hybrids,,racers going to have a go at a build , need to order some tools thanks in advance
  22. T

    Bottom Bracket Included w/ crankset

    Hello all, I am not familiar with a bottom bracket included w/crankset. Is this something OK and easy to replace once wear and tear or it will be a problem in the future? Thank you
  23. J

    Giant contend SL1

    Hi, just wondered if anyone knows/owns a giant contend SL1 disc and knows what type of bottom bracket it has please? I know it’s press fit but I’m looking at getting a Shimano 105 crankset and hopefully power meter but need to know if it’ll fit my current bottom bracket. I’m not the most...
  24. mrcunning

    Italian bottom bracket..

    Right ive ordered a new frame and i think the bottom bracket is italian thread? , What is a good bottom bracket for the italian thread?
  25. newts

    Praxis M30 bottom bracket woes

    The non drive side bearing has failed on my Roubaix after 1 year/2k miles, Praxis are saying the bearing isn't covered under warranty. There are also signs of a flat spot on the drive side of the crank. Am i expecting too much from a bottom bracket? Hamibini on youtube gives M30/GXP bottom...
  26. Kryton521

    Bottom Bracket question, sorry.

    Can anyone tell me what size of bottom bracket is on a Domane SL6? To replace the BB I need special tools, I think they are press fit? Are the tools available for hire? Is it worth buying them? LBS is shut during lock down and BB has developed annoying creak/rattly noise
  27. RobinS

    Bottom Bracket Longevity Question

    So, as I have lots of time on my hands I have stripped down and rebuilt mine and JanetS' tourers - complete clean, degrease, re-grease and lube, new chains (Cassettes replaced 5000km ago seem OK with the new chains), new tyres, new Butterfly bar foam and grips, new bar tape and saddle for me...
  28. Lee

    Bottom bracket made of cheese! Help :(

    Hoping someone can give us some advice. Bottom bracket is basically creak crackered, after riding for literally an hour the crank is nearly ready to fall off, starts off creaking then begins to go loose and starts wobbling :sad: Options please? fix or new alternative needed. Bike is a...
  29. mr_cellophane

    Bottom Bracket Crank fitting

    I took this old BB out this morning. The cranks were held by a standard bolt, so I didn't pay much attention to them. Both sides had identical bolts holding the crank arms. However when I when to put the right hand crank back there isn't a hole for the bolt. The "pin"in the axle is lose. HELP!!
  30. davidphilips

    bb86 bottom bracket prices?

    Just been looking at the prices of bb86 bottom brackets, most seem to be (to me) very expensive well upwards of £100 yet i have seem Shimano bb86s for about £25 and cheap from china bbs for less than that. question is are the £100 or £200 bottom brackets all that better than the £25 shimano...
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