Brake Flutter - Claud Butler Dalesman

I've had my Dalesman touring bike since 2007, and it's ALWAYS suffered from brake flutter, i.e. rapid jerking of the forks under medium - heavy braking. Otherwise the bike is very docile and easy to ride. Is there anything that can be done to alleviate it? I've had it a long time and have always considered it to be part of the way the bike handles, but talking to a friend recently suggests it shouldn't be the case?

Any thoughts anyone ?

the snail

Cantilever brakes? Maybe look at pad choice, adjustment of toe in, possibly a new cable hanger if there is a long length from hanger to the straddle wire?


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Brake flutter or judder happens when something deforms, allowing the brake to release slightly, which allows whatever deformed to spring back, whereupon the brake grabs again and the cycle is repeated. Toeing the brake pads in helps to avoid this as braking stress pulls the pads parallel with the rim. In the end you might need to fit more rigid brakes.
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