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  1. biggs682

    25" Claud Butler Sierra ex Drago SOLD

    For sale a recently overhauled and refurbished mid 80's Claud Butler sierra as unfortunately it's about an inch too big for me . The rebuild is featured on these threads It...
  2. Spinney

    Claud Butler Legend for sale

    I'm trying to thin out my stuff before a house move, and haven't ridden this bike in years (although it has had a little use on a turbo). I have no idea how much it is worth. I'm trying to find a home for it more than making money from it. I'm in Charfield, Glos (GL12). Collect only, or can...
  3. DCLane

    SOLD: Claud Butler 531 24" frame touring bike, 14 speed, £60 - Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

    This Claud Butler has come my way and I'd originally wanted it for a few parts. Apparently owned by an ex-pro rider it's in too good a condition simply to break. The frame is just over 24" so for tall or very tall, riders only. As someone of much more compact stature I've not even tested it...
  4. W

    Claud Butler frameset

    I believe this is the “Super Velo” model (see catalogue photo). Frame number stamped on bottom bracket is15017. Year stamp is 51.Frame size 24” 61cm centre bottom bracket to top of seat post. Length 22 ¾” 58cm centre of seat post to centre of head post. Rear dropout fork ends width internal...
  5. W

    Claud Butler frameset

    I believe this is the “Super Velo” model (see catalogue photo). Frame number stamped on bottom bracket is15017. Year stamp is 51.Frame size 24” 61cm centre bottom bracket to top of seat post. Length 22 ¾” 58cm centre of seat post to centre of head post. Rear dropout fork ends width internal...
  6. D

    Identify the age of my Claud Butler

    Today I’ve been pottering about in my garage and decided to find and record the frame number of one of my older bikes. The two photos of underneath the BB show stamped numbers 22031 and underneath that are two letters C-R. From what I can gather from the internet it may have been produced in...
  7. D

    Claud Butler Alto CX9 - what size is it?

    Hi, There is a CB Alto CX9 I'm thinking of purchasing. It's not been used much and is going for £300. The problem is the seller cannot confirm the size. I've pointed him to where the size sticker would be but he says there isn't one. Please take a look at the below link. Can anyone advise if it...
  8. Paulus

    1953 Claud Butler Jubilee I Think this a tad optimistic at the price, it is also missing the rear mech and gear lever, hence the 3 or single speed tag line. But it...
  9. Gunk

    1982 Claud Butler 531 Majestic - Project #10

    I picked this up last week, its in very nice condition, just neglected. The frame number dates it at 1982. The rear wheel is a Mavic open 4CD with a 6 speed cassette (the front Mavic open wheel is missing) and it's been updated with a Suntour front and rear mech and a Stronglight chainset, so at...
  10. Gunk

    1962 Claud Butler Super Courier For Sale - SOLD

    It’s with a very heart that I’ve listed my Claud Butler for sale, it’s probably the most detailed restoration I’ve carried out as I intended to keep it, so it wasn’t done to make a profit. The bike is superb, it rides beautifully and looks even more...
  11. Gunk

    1960's Claud Butler For Restoration

    I'm just selling off some of my projects, as I am struggling for time and space! I bought this off the original owner, at some point it's been converted to single speed. It's very scruffy so will need a complete rebuild it has 531 forks 23" frame. Would build up into a nice bike. £50...
  12. biggs682

    Claud Butler Tourer

    Just back from picking this up a Claud Butler Tourer with full Reynolds 531 st frame . Might be my winter bike not sure yet need to ride it first as a bit small at 21" . So might ended being used as a donor for one of my spare frames I have in the loft .
  13. B

    How to “age a Claud Butler Enduro MTB”?

    Apologies if I’m not in the right area here but looking for some advice on the above bike which my son has bought. I can’t see a frame number under the bottom bracket but just above that near the bottom of the seat tube there is a sticker which says Special select CR-MO and a number HO33550...
  14. M

    Claud Butler Front Brake Clearance

    Hi everyone, I have a Claud Butler that i bought some time ago that had been rebuilt. I finally got around to sorting it and the first item was to replace the tyres. Where i live there are a lot of flints and gravel in the road, and I am no light weight, so i bought some Schwalbe tyres that are...
  15. Gunk

    Claud Butler Olympic Super Coureur Project

    Here is my latest, A very tatty Claud Butler Olympic (gas pipe frame) All the nice stuff has been removed (Brooks and Campag) good news is that I love the colour scheme and it fits me so my plan is to turn it in to a simple single speed pub bike.
  16. philtalksbx

    Claud Butler Criterium - mid 90s

    Time for another project so with a bit of time on my hands I scanned eBay and picked this up last weekend. It's a Claud Butler Criterium and looking online at catalogues it places around 1994/5/6 vintage. It was listed as spares/repair and at a modest price after a bit of haggling my...
  17. Tom B

    **SOLD** Claud Butler Echelon 3 -2013 For Sale

    A lad I work with is selling this... As can be seen by the advert he's not particularly verbose. Bike is absolutely standard and has done about 30 miles since normal. Since retirement about a month after purchase it has been stored...
  18. robgul

    Claud Butler 531 framed fixie - with 3 speed fixed hub

    Frame is vintage 1982-ish, c58cm, 531 tubing no dents or dings - has been powder-coated orange with genuine 531 decals etc. 700c wheels, 2 brakes with aero (cable under tape) levers, 165 cranks, SPD pedals, Specialized BG saddle. Has a Sturmey Archer 3 speed FIXED hub with bar end changer...
  19. P

    Vintage Claud Butler identification

    So, im trying to ID this wee beastie. The frame number doesnt seem to tally with any published data that I can find. It is full Campag apart fromnthe weinneman 999 brakes and a cheapo mech. I think it might be a European from about 1957/8 but that is a gut feeling from trauling VCC catalogue
  20. robgul

    Claud Butler 531 fixie - but rather different!

    Claud Butler 531 frame built as fixie - BUT it's a bit different as it's a Sturmey Archer 3-speed fixed (i.e. hub gear, with a bar-end changer) Frame size is about 58cm, professionally cold-set for modern 700c wheels. Powder coat orange finish, black bartape, Specialized BG saddle, SPD M520...
  21. Bobby Maclean

    Can you put a date on this Claud Butler please?

    Just picked this up. I think the derailleur is a gran sport campy? It’s tricky to read but I reckon this is worth restoring, lovely head badge too.
  22. Cycleops

    1956 Claud Butler 'Rustoration'.

    Those of you who are from the 'oily rag' school of Bicycle restoration might be interested in this video: View:
  23. W

    Latest Addition (Claud Butler)

    Hi all, Just thought I'd share my latest purchase, I picked it up last week. Not sure of the model but the brake levers have a year of 1979 on them. Quite a large frame (24") but I like the colour, have put some new bar tape on. The chrome wheels aren't the best but are better than they were...
  24. PHL67

    Claud Butler for my collection.

    1979 CB in cream. Pelissier large flange hubs. Gipiemme seat post. Cinelli stem Sakai handlebars. Please see pictures. Many thanks.
  25. DCBassman

    Claud Butler Urraco mods

    Before I start ripping everything to bits, a quick question: this currently has Acera 3x7 speed transmission. I'm going to 8-speed and much lower gearing. I have the matching 8-speed brake/shifter. Is it possible that the Acera rear derailleur would work across the 8-speed cassette? Would save...
  26. DCBassman

    Withdrawn - Claud Butler Urraco MTB, 90s

    Cro-Mo frame, British built (it says...). 3x7-speed Shimano Acera transmission. Size around 19". Good condition, absolutely solid. New alloy bar. There's a pair of steel bar ends to go with it also, if you want them. Rear tyre and tube are new, have done 20 miles. £40 ovno, collect from West Devon
  27. biggs682

    Claud Butler Road bike sold

    This Claud Butler arrived with he Rotrax but sadly it's way too small for me at 20 1/2" from centre of crank to centre of seat pinch bolt . The hubs and caliper's are date stamped 78 so i am going for a 1978 Claud Butler of unknown model and unsure of tubing forks are labelled as 531 but no...
  28. biggs682

    Claud Butler

    With the Rotrax came it's garage partner Claud the Butler . Bit smaller at 20 1/2" but nearly as nice . Bottom bracket stamped 0624468 whilst hubs and calipers look to be late 70's but covered in dirt and dust. Looks to have had the original 27" rims replaced with 700's . Unsure about...
  29. PappaRay

    Dating a Claud Butler

    Hi, I'm refurbishing an old Claud Butler sports bike and I'm trying to date it. It has 2 four digit numbers, one stamped on the bottom crank and one stamped on the fork stem. (Pictures attached I hope). The last 2 numbers are 75 and I was wondering if this could be the year? On the the frame...
  30. Tony Raynor

    1950s lugless Claud Butler frame

    big thanks to @biggs682 for coming across this little gem. Interesting multi coated paint job, but underneath all that is a really well preserved frame. Need to get it stripped and re painted but will leave this on the back burner until I get time. Year based upon serial number and the fact...
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