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  1. robgul

    Claud Butler 531 fixie - but rather different!

    Claud Butler 531 frame built as fixie - BUT it's a bit different as it's a Sturmey Archer 3-speed fixed (i.e. hub gear, with a bar-end changer) Frame size is about 58cm, professionally cold-set for modern 700c wheels. Powder coat orange finish, black bartape, Specialized BG saddle, SPD M520...
  2. Bobby Maclean

    Can you put a date on this Claud Butler please?

    Just picked this up. I think the derailleur is a gran sport campy? It’s tricky to read but I reckon this is worth restoring, lovely head badge too.
  3. Cycleops

    1956 Claud Butler 'Rustoration'.

    Those of you who are from the 'oily rag' school of Bicycle restoration might be interested in this video: View:
  4. W

    Latest Addition (Claud Butler)

    Hi all, Just thought I'd share my latest purchase, I picked it up last week. Not sure of the model but the brake levers have a year of 1979 on them. Quite a large frame (24") but I like the colour, have put some new bar tape on. The chrome wheels aren't the best but are better than they were...
  5. PHL67

    Claud Butler for my collection.

    1979 CB in cream. Pelissier large flange hubs. Gipiemme seat post. Cinelli stem Sakai handlebars. Please see pictures. Many thanks.
  6. DCBassman

    Claud Butler Urraco mods

    Before I start ripping everything to bits, a quick question: this currently has Acera 3x7 speed transmission. I'm going to 8-speed and much lower gearing. I have the matching 8-speed brake/shifter. Is it possible that the Acera rear derailleur would work across the 8-speed cassette? Would save...
  7. DCBassman

    Withdrawn - Claud Butler Urraco MTB, 90s

    Cro-Mo frame, British built (it says...). 3x7-speed Shimano Acera transmission. Size around 19". Good condition, absolutely solid. New alloy bar. There's a pair of steel bar ends to go with it also, if you want them. Rear tyre and tube are new, have done 20 miles. £40 ovno, collect from West Devon
  8. biggs682

    Claud Butler Road bike sold

    This Claud Butler arrived with he Rotrax but sadly it's way too small for me at 20 1/2" from centre of crank to centre of seat pinch bolt . The hubs and caliper's are date stamped 78 so i am going for a 1978 Claud Butler of unknown model and unsure of tubing forks are labelled as 531 but no...
  9. biggs682

    Claud Butler

    With the Rotrax came it's garage partner Claud the Butler . Bit smaller at 20 1/2" but nearly as nice . Bottom bracket stamped 0624468 whilst hubs and calipers look to be late 70's but covered in dirt and dust. Looks to have had the original 27" rims replaced with 700's . Unsure about...
  10. PappaRay

    Dating a Claud Butler

    Hi, I'm refurbishing an old Claud Butler sports bike and I'm trying to date it. It has 2 four digit numbers, one stamped on the bottom crank and one stamped on the fork stem. (Pictures attached I hope). The last 2 numbers are 75 and I was wondering if this could be the year? On the the frame...
  11. Tony Raynor

    1950s lugless Claud Butler frame

    big thanks to @biggs682 for coming across this little gem. Interesting multi coated paint job, but underneath all that is a really well preserved frame. Need to get it stripped and re painted but will leave this on the back burner until I get time. Year based upon serial number and the fact...
  12. woodbutcher

    Claud Butler mtb

    Spotted this for sale in France, might do for my partner. Does anyone know if these CB ladies bikes are any good:smile:
  13. Paul Walters

    Brake Flutter - Claud Butler Dalesman

    I've had my Dalesman touring bike since 2007, and it's ALWAYS suffered from brake flutter, i.e. rapid jerking of the forks under medium - heavy braking. Otherwise the bike is very docile and easy to ride. Is there anything that can be done to alleviate it? I've had it a long time and have always...
  14. Tony Raynor

    1983ish Claud Butler Sovereign 531 frame & forks - first outing

    picked this up tonight and it looks in reasonable condition. This was CB's answer to the Dawes galaxy and was set up as a touring machine. Interestingly it has a flip flop hub on it for some reason. Will have a fettle at the weekend.
  15. The Essex Spurs

    My Claud Butler will be ready for action this weekend

    Hi all.Some child born out of wedlock (and I know who it is) stole my beloved CB Criterium out of my shed but some weeks later was reported found by some top member of the public who wished to remain anonymous. I know it's not the world's greatest or fastest bike but it's mine and I paid for...
  16. Tony Raynor

    Claud Butler 531 mountain bike

    Yet another one that's been in the workshop. Classic 90s mountain bike with a Reynolds 531 frame. Not sure about the colour, may get arrested for being too loud in a built up area.
  17. C

    Help needed identifying an old Claud Butler

    Hi All, When my elderly neighbour (a keen cyclist in his youth) passed away, his daughters began clearing his flat, and found various bike bits in his loft that fortunately for me they just gave to me. One of the items is a frame & forks that are decal'd up as being a Claud Butler. However, it...
  18. Drago

    Claud Butler Sierra

    Hokay, I collect the Claud on Saturday. Who's up for a rebuild thread with photos?
  19. Stonechat

    Is there any interest or shall I throw away - 1980's Claud Butler

    I used this bike for some time about 1982 to 1991 I have somewhere some technical info if of interest Collect from Staines I wouldn't want much if anything Increasing bike collection need space in garage
  20. Oldfentiger

    I just finished refurbing this Claud Butler

    I nabbed this off Ebay a few weeks ago. I guess I was lured by the Campag bits (front and rear mechs, and both hubs). The rims are Mavic. The fork blades are Reynolds 531, dunno about the frame. It's an Electron and was advertised as 1960's, although my guess is mid '70s. I tried to research the...
  21. biggs682

    Claud Butler Odyssey Bike Sold

    Picked this up for a work mate to use as his commuter but 3 months later he hasnt used it so he has me to sell it on . Its a 90's Claud Butler Odyssey Bike with a Reynolds cro mo frame in british racing green paintwork that is really nice and clean and would polish up a treat . It measure 21...
  22. fatjel

    Claud Butler Super Coureur

    Have been looking for one of these for some time now. I remember as a 12 yr old hearing about this amazing bike with 5 gears !!!! Went to Croydon to look at it thru the bike shop window Couldn't afford it and it would have been way to big This frame was too good to miss Same model ,colour and...
  23. Heifer73

    Claud Butler Odyssey

    Hi I have for sale my Claud Butler Odyssey ladies trekking bike in excellent condition which is two years old however has hardly been used due to illness. The frame size is 17" the bike will come with the accessories shown. Price £190 to collect from Coventry.
  24. hifinut

    what size tyres can i put on a claud butler levante

    It has 25's on it but i was hoping to put much bigger on any advice cheers
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